Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Making money with Visalus

A few weeks ago I started a home based business with Visalus. I wanted to spend a few minutes sharing with you how to make money in your first 30 days with this dynamic company.

Challenge parties are the simplest way to get both customers and promoters within your business, and you will need both. The 3 for FREE offer makes attaining customers so much easier. The principle here is that when you find 3 people to join in on their own challenge with you and purchase their own kit of equal or higher value then yours will be free, as long as you have the 3 this will continue each month.

So lets talk about how to earn $500+ in a week.  By signing on 3 promoters within your first 30 days you become a rising star. Promoters want to be on a n executive success system or higher. This includes products and business tools in order to help maximize success in a shorter time frame. So what does rising star mean?

This is a bonus for getting to director in 30 days or less. As well as a compensation plan designed by the company to promote your success. This particular plan allows you to be enrolled in the weekly bonus pools every time you sign on 3 customers or promoters on a Friday to Thursday cycle. So as an example: Jon signed up 3 customers this week, he gets to be in the bonus pool, ON TOP of his sales volume income. So he would receive an additional minimum pay of $75 that week simply in bonus pay.

As a rising star Jon who also signed up 3 promoters this week on a ess or higher, now recieves $100
for each sign up. Only by becoming a rising star director do you have the opportunity for the weekly bonus pools. And every time you sponsor 3 customers or 3 promoters in a Thursday to Friday cycle, you go into the enrollers bonus pool with a minimum payout of $75+. ( the + really is a + ) so this bonus happens again and again. There is also a one off rising star bonus pool when you first hit - that again awards minimum of $75.  Remember customers will be paid out as monthly commissions. Promoter will be paid out as weekly bonus. 3 customers in a 1 week cycle do qualify you for a bonus payout of $75+ but only if you hit rising star director in your first 30days.  So this is how Jon's week would look.

3 New promoters = $300
Rising star bonus (1time) 75+
Enrollers bonus pool= 75+
Sales commissions still to be factored in.

So that's $525 + additional income for the week not including his sales commissions!

Going rising star is the quickest way to earn back your investment of the executive success system. From here your team will help you reach regional director and get BMW qualified.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

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