Thursday, June 23, 2011

blue poles

A few weekends ago my friend Diana and i decided to make a trip to the country with the kids for something different. We made our way through wauchope and out to Byabarra. We then settled in to Blue Poles cafe & art gallery for a late lunch.
The outlook at this place is just amazing, and you feel instantly at home and joyful in the company of the properties hosts. They are especially good with children! Almost "Mrs Doubtfire-ish" I got lost in tranquility as my eyes grazed the lush valleys dotted with colourful autumn foliage, water springs and fruit trees. This was my idea of heaven!...that was until my kids started fighting over who was colouring in outside the lines...haha!

The food was good. I would have liked to have said great, but unfortunately it was talked up just alittle too much by our exuberant hosts. The high point food wise, was my coffee brulee - super strong with a wonderfully smooth texture. This was not something i would have picked usually, not being the big coffee flavor advocate. But it just goes to show that sometimes trying something out of your usual perception pays off big time!

Blue poles is also home to a quaint studio B&B. Featuring a large bath beside bay windows overlooking the peaceful bushland setting....just dont go in bird watching season!..:)

the cafe, art gallery and B&B which are all housed on the property are all lovely.  Defiantely worth the drive for something alittle off the beat and track.

a full bellied, line dancing
 joanna xo


OK so a couple of weekends ago port macquarie hosted its first wintersun festival. This is 10 days of elegant retro revival at its finest.

We all know how i love the bygone eras, so attending this festival was certainly right up my ally. I must admit the whole set up was rather unique, with stages set up all about town featuring amazing bands and entertainment at various times throughout the day.

Balls and swing dances were held during the week at Panthers club, and i was actaully really disapointed that i couldnt make it to any. I certainly would have enjoyed pulling something fancy out of my closet.

Aside from the music and romance in the air. You just cant bypass the classic cars and i found myself day dreaming over rebuilding an old classic myself...having always been a huge bel air fan...i certainly got my lust on!

For a girl of course i enjoyed parousing the stalls for clothing gifts and accessories. And got the giggles imagining certain friends wearing rolled demins, and biker jackets with quiffed hair - a la grease style.

All in all it was a brillant way to get the kids involved in some wholesome family fun. It was just as perfect for those that lived during the time, those that wished they lived during that time, and those that knew nothing about it!

cherry tattoos and fluffy dice
joanna xo