Monday, July 11, 2011

business breakthroughs

My business partner and i had taken a break from really building our company over the past few months. It can be tough to have enough passion to push through the hard places at the best of times - let alone when things go wrong. Between the endless turn over of good staff, the consistant drop off within the domestic industry, and with the CASH gap...our business was beginning to look alittle less vibrant that we liked.

But enter renewed passion and belief. In a few short weeks we have gone from wondering exactly what was going to happen to this business, to walking in joy, assurity and passion for all the things that ARE going to happen in this business and its stems over the next year! Mental renewal and shear determination with huge helpings of faith have showen time and again to be a winning formula.

If your facing a challenging time in your life, remember to look past the circumstance. Even when things are changing for the better the outward appearance still might not have caught up to the internal workings.

Be paitent, stay focused and things always turn around. Find the joy in even the smallest victory, for where there is joy, there are many many things!!!

Hard work, lots of laughter, and passive income

joanna xo

Sunday, July 10, 2011

its a brand new world

well, i havent been really honest or very personal with you all. Mostly due to this being a makeup and lifestyle blog. However things are changing and here is a great place to start.

You all are aware i'm sure that i have been single for awhile now, as my previous relationship of 4 yrs came to an end this year.  I have come to a few realisations recently and some of you will agree, others wont and thats the joy of free will!...smiles, i believe that a life that is directed by the desires of the mind, heart and the flesh (body) is one that is certain to let us down.
  For years i have been filling the void, filling the void, filling the void... with study, with things i thought i loved, with people, with alcohol, with entertainment. Anything really to make my mind believe that i was capable of creating and sustaining my own long term happiness - in a world that is determind to create wrong thinking within me!...its like fighting a tsunami...impossible! I would always get so far, then i would backslide.
  You know for an intelligent individual that worked real hard at self developing new habits that were effective in propelling my life forward...i sure had alot to learn!
  Now some of you will be shaking your head right now but i can honestly tell you one thing; relenquishing control of my life to god, and asking and listening for his advice has transformed me. I have a peace and an assurity in everything that i have never known existed before. I no-longer feel the need to fill the void, to plan everything, get caught up in fear or emotions. God is always there to direct me, he has my best interest at heart, he knows my gifts my strenghts, my weaknesses and he fills me with so much love - my life is RENEWED. You dont have to be religious to experience this, just read his word, pray and ask him to be part of you...god wants nothing more than to show us how to have a fulfilling life on this planet - gee he wrote the manual to living...and yet we still dare to question his ability to know us? and what is right for us? Humans amaze me!
  What i ask god for, he supplies - why? Because i believe in him, i walk in faith and obedience, and i trust him. I have lived a life without him! It brought me nothing but heartache, questions, and regret. Now i will never leave his side.God has my back - and he is the great provider. In every way. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference being close to god has made to my life, but it has profoundly affected every aspect of my life- my children, my joy, my inner peace, my understanding, my love for humanity, my ability to accept without judgement - and most of all the knowledge that the best way to bring others to god is not by preaching - but by simply letting his life shine through me...i cant help but share, god has moved me in ways far greater than words can express.He has brought me life - a future that looks greater than any i could have imagined.

be blessed my friends, where ever you are at in your journey, know that god loves you, for all you are and all that you cant see in yourself!

joanna xo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finding the princess a prince

So a good friend of mine (yes it really is someone else!!) has decided that after years of being a single mum she is going to give Eharmony a try. I (after having permission of course) thought i might chronicle some of her journey, and share it with you!
For those of you that live under a rock- eharmony is referred to as one of the only online dating sites that matches you on deep compatibiltiy, giving you what they claim as a much higher chance of meeting Mr or Mrs right. Their focus isnt on quantity but rather on quality matching.

Ok so if you have an hour or two spare to set up your profile, then your on your way! There is a very detailed selection of questions, close to a couple of hundred, most are just "pick wether this is correct for you" type of answers, that means only choosing Yes, No or somewhat. But through this insightful questionaire process, self discovery abounds. And its at moments like these that we can realise we may have forgotten to ask ourselves some pretty important questions during relationships past!

Overal the process was enjoyable for my friend, humourous for me (as i was her sidekick) and pretty exciting once you finally get to uploading your pics...

then of course its just a matter of waiting for the matches to pour in....ahem, i said... pour in....maybe you didn't hear me WHERE ARE THE MATCHES?

oh man, i believe it was a full 3 days before my friend started to get matches.  After paying a sign up fee, and praying to god about this...She was having an inevitable "buyers remorce" moment. And of course i was feeling incredibly guilty as it was with my proding that this whole suggestion came about.

I had scoured the internet trying to find answers, and i was slightly reassured to find out that this also happened to others. And one way to look at it was the my friend had HIGH i reminded her of this and she seemed to relax alittle.

I was enormously relieved to find the following day she received several matches, and they are continuing to come though. Now the fun really begins.

I have taken a backseat here, (as impossible as some of you my think that is for me) insisting that she makes her own choices and will only offer an opinnion of it is asked for. I must say though i find this whole process fasinating, and i cant wait to see where it takes her.

I'll post more on the way the site runs as i know more. Stay tuned for more adventures of love in the 21st century.

Joanna xo


So its that time of year again for me where i have decided to give my body a break from solid foods.
Usually with the mind set of internal digestive cleansing, i take 3-5 days and stick to a variant of juices, water, teas (without milk) and home-made lemonade.

This time however my main purpose is spiritual. And i will say that anytime we detox it does have a natural spiritual element.

So i'm in day 2.5 and feeling rather well. I havent had any of the usual headaches and general flu like symptoms! Yay. I am thinking of extending it to a full 5 days. However i will definately add some protein shakes in the last two days, as manual labor day in day out can be even more exhausting than usual while fasting. And its generally recommended that you rest over this time.

If your considering your own detox or fast I recommend doing your research and finding something that suits your needs. If your a first-timer, set yourself a goal of no more than 3 days, and it can certainly be a tough 3 days the first time around. However after this time some excellent things begin to happen. Not just in the body, but also the mind. I always find that i feel much lighter, my concentration and focus improves. And i just feel so much healthier and spiritually aware.

Breaking a fast - this is the most important step! No matter how long you fast for its very important not to just decide to eat randomly the day you end it! You have to ease into eating, its suggested to just have a piece of fruit or two the first day out. Eating anything rich, diary, or fatty will make you feel AWFUL- be warned! Then work up to one meal the next day, avoiding meat for as long as you can.  If you can, focus on raw organic food for an entire week.This shouldn't be too differcult seeing as you didnt eat for several days, and will definately further the benefits. As a bonus, just being able to eat is such a wonderful treat in itself.


So heres to glowing skin, twinkling eyes, clarity of mind and spiritual wellness!