Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's new

I have been here in the US for about 10days. Over this time in all honesty I have been getting the kids school stuff sorted and enjoying some family time.
Social security numbers came this week so now I can get started on getting my US driving license and work out how I want to spend my days. But for now it's involved wifely duties and plenty of basking in the sun. Oh well ok, there has been a little time spent on my fav tv shows too...waking the dead giving me my zombie fix, and the kardashians.

Something I'm not used to here is the lack of freedom to simply walk to the local shops. although I still do it, everyone thinks I am mad.

 So here is a real quick run down of some more of my observations of middle America

People are not used to being asked questions, and often laugh at you like your stupid if you ask something they think you should know. I don't think many people are used to tourists here.

Food is wonderful, service is excellent, and alcohol is served stronger and larger.
Makeup is cheap, services are cheaper, and Money in general goes farther.

Houses are bigger, yards still exist. Many with mature trees.
areas are set up into neighborhoods. Some better than others.
People also stick to themselves, but the people that are your friends are ready to help at a moments notice. I think America still has a lot of family spirit like that.

As I type this a siren is sounding in the background, who knows what kind. But the birds and the sunshine make it easy to forget all that. I know that I have many new adventures in store, some I will love others I will be challenged with. The winters here getting to about 20 below freezing . I am uncertain how we will cope with that, but I propose we see it as another new adventure, and enjoy that last of the summer weeks before fall sets in.

Well that's all for now. 

Be blessed,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

the USA

well the time has finally arrived! My kids and i are living in OHIO. It has been a crazy few months transitioning from Australia to the US, but we made it.
  Its been about a week since we arrived and already the kids are enrolled in school.Which starts the new school year next week. My youngest being in grade 2 at a prepatory academy. Her uniform consists of polo shirts in either white, sky blue, navy, or lemon. Pants/skirts or shorts in khaki or navy. I think she will come home wore out the first week or so. Her day has to start on the school bus at 6.15am. And yes the bus looks exactly like the ones in the movies!
  My eldest is a freshman in high school. And i am pleasantly surprised by the number of hours spent in school.The average day beginning at 7.45am and finishing at 3pm. With only a 50min break for lunch. NO recess! I think this is going to be a shock for her to begin with. Her school is new,and i was having such a good time looking through it all. With its shiney lino flooring, lockered walls, the lacquered gym floors with stadium seating. Not to mention the theatre room which looks more impressive than the professional one in my last town. The school is one big building, which i like alot. The doors lock once school starts, and to go to the bathroom you need a hall pass. Oh and there is a navy training program through the school as an elective - cool huh?  And lastly an impressive trophy case!!!   No one gets in, without going through the office and getting a photo id. So i do feel safe with my kids schools. I so wish i could upload the pictures i have to go with this blog...argh.
  The weather here is perfect. It reminds me of spring in Port Macquarie. The birds are thriving in all the trees. The houses have yards and space between. And there is a general feeling of space here. Considering all the people, i am once again surprised i feel that way.
  My husband and i have a blended family, and i am impressed at how everyone is getting along so well. what i am not so impressed with is how my eldest child has already lost her aussie accent! Laughs i guess thats typical for a teenager though. I too left my home country at her age to move to australia, so i know first hand what this type of thing is like. And they are adjusting very well.
  Already the kids have been shopping, gone to the biggest roller coaster theme park ever for them, been hiking through caves in the woods, and today we are all going to head out to visit with family in the country. Perfect day for swimming, camping and picnicking. Ahhh....the past year of waiting has been more than worth it...and its still so surreal for me to think about actually being here.

blissfully content with my new life...
joanna xo