Saturday, January 28, 2012

Power of the mind

I have been doing alot of research lately in the power of the mind and what causes the outward patterns of life, from our internal workings!

Neural pathways

I have come across some very interesting findings. I will share the ones i can make sense of to explain.
Here is a huge statement....

96-98% of all our pre programmed behaviors and actions are created and played out through our subconscious mind!

So what does this actually mean?

It means that only 2-4% of our thinking can have any affect on the things the mind has been conditioned to believe and accept through repeated training, and experience. That means WILL POWER has very, very little to do with accomplishing anything.

And in order to change the external patterns (that are the actions of our lives) we have to change the internal system...its like trying to cut a tomato with a spoon...the wrong tools wont give you the desired results. When we focus on trying to change things in our life by using our conscious thinking when our "unconscious thinking" is programmed to REJECT that new way of thinking...we can spend a lifetime going round in circles getting stressed out not seeing the kinds of results that others practicing the same kinds of POSITIVE thinking CAN achieve!

Neurological pathways Left/Right Brain Synchrony

There is truth in the saying you have what you think you have, and you are what you believe you are. These thinking's have impacted and shaped the self belief network in our minds. And some of us are happy with the way they are...and some of us are not. Many of us sit in our comfort zone, for fear of failing.  But what if i told you that all you had to do was start reconditioning your thinking to coincide with what you wanted in life...and then after a period of time (some say it takes the brain 30-90days to re-hard wire its neurons to accept these new subconscious beliefs.) You would automatically be seeking and attracting like minded things into your life?! Ten years ago we didn't have the tools required to see into the mind in the ways we can now. And it has been proven that new neurological pathways can be self created when the right thinking in the right mental state is repeated...which means that everyone of us, is able to re-wire our subconsciousness thinking...almost like self hypnosis without the hoopla.

I am very much a product of this thinking. And anyone that has witnessed the profound changes in my limited self beliefs and the fruits of this powerful, positive thinking over the past 4 yrs is testament to this.And yes, i have a relationship with Christ that has in fact changed my life. I do believe God gave us the power of our thinking to be used in more useful and purpose driven ways than many of us choose to use it. The mind is the most powerful tool on this planet...and its available to every single one of us to grow, and train and use for the better.

So if your stuck in the rut of life and cant see a way out, think about that for just a moment....what are you thinking about? Anything is possible in this life, anything you dream CAN become your reality, you just have to train your mind to believe it, and create the action plan needed to achieve it. How many times do you find yourself accepting mediocrity, when you really want nothing more than extraordinary!?

For more information on this fascinating topic i have listed some good google search starting points.
Bob Proctor
John Assaraf
Centerpointe research

Whatever you choose to think may it be serving you, and those around you well.

joanna xo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

6 week KTP laser update

Well it has been 6 weeks since my initial KTP laser session. And i thought i would share with you my findings. Do bere in mind that sessions are supposed to be anywhere from 6 + for major results.


definitely more refined! Very happy about that especially on the sides of my nose, forehead and chin.

A little lighter, but not a big difference.

About 25% reduction. So overall this is very pleasing.

About a 25% reduction in pigmentation also.

Less obvious, more plumped out due to the increase of collagen produced in the epidermis.

Skin texture and clarity:
Vastly improved in just one sitting. Skin is firmer, and more refined, tone seems more even.

Dark freckles, and sun spots:
All fell off within the first week! awesome, and so long as i apply sunscreen regularly these shouldn't re-appear.

Thing about overall redness is its harder for the laser to find. As opposed to say a broken capillary, which is very easy and reduction is very drastic even initially. So for me to attain the results i want a few more sessions are on the cards.

Be blessed,
joanna xo

hot summer nights makeup

I love living by the coast, and one of my favorite things to do is sit somewhere nice by the water, eat oysters and sip on something special.  But seeing as i cant do that as often as i like, i can atleast look like i am.

Here is one of my favorite summer makeup looks featuring ocean blues and greens and light golden sand tones.

I started by (as always) priming my eyelid. This time using urban decay primer potion.

Then put a neutral shade over the whole lid - i used Pink cheeks by Too faced cosmetics


Use a taupe shade to define the crease.


Put a golden highlight color in the inner corner and underneath

Take a turquoise shade (i'm using one from the creative me #1 palette from coastal scents)


Add depth by using a deeper blue, slightly under the turquoise and blend the shades together. (again i am using a shade from the creative me palette in royal blue) Use this to line under the eye also. 


Use the deepest blue to add a tiny bit more depth to corner edge and undereye only, and blend into other shades. 


Next using a shimmery sand color (i am using NP ultra pearl in 37) to wipe over the middle section of the eyelid, blending lightly into both corners.


Using a black liquid liner, draw a thin line close to upper lashes. And apply a turquoise or blue liner to the inner waterline.

Soften up any harsh lines or fall out with a large fluffy brush and a very pale matte shade. Taking the color around the edges of the entire eye. Using a cotton tip and concealer to clean up any fall out.


Apply mascara, and coat lips with a beige lipstick, blot, then smooth on some peach toned lip gloss.

And we're done, a hot summer evening look that's loads of fun! Btw i don't know why my eyebrows look so orange in this shot, must have been my high class lighting equipment (good ol' heat lamps!) HA


Be blessed, and enjoy the great Aussie summers!

joanna xo

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


something little left of field, but something i truly love is a good bottle of wine. And where not nessecarily talking your vintage hundreds of dollar variety. Wine like many things is often about personal choice and appreciation. And i certainly have my favorites!

The main difference here between red and white varieties is the absence of "tannin" which comes from the skin of the grape. Its the Tannin that creates a strong astringent type taste when one has had too much, and some types have this strong aftertaste initially too.

I am not going to go into chardonnay's, although they are considered the most popular whites. I have a preference for something less woody or oaken in taste.

Sauvignon blanc

This is my favorite of the wines, to me its light, fresh and crisp without being too strong in it flavor. It can range in from very grassy to being very tropical. It is one of the best wines to pair with seafood, cheese and sushi. My current favorite is a little drop from New Zealand called Squealing pig. 

Squealing Pig

I am also a huge fan of  a good semillon. Something youthful and more mineral and acidic in its finish. Local winery Cassegrain do a great semillon.

Then for a cheaper option of a white, and i mean really cheap! Here in Australia you can get them for under $5 a bottle. I have to say i am partial to the Gossips range.
The reds don't have an abundance of preservatives causing headaches, and the whites don't taste like pee!
So if your looking for something on a budget, check them out. And i like all the reds in this range. I am a more serious drinker these days preferring something dry over the passion pop of my youth.

Gossips Cabernet Sauvignon - Buy Online - Winelistaustralia        Gossips Semillon Sauvignon Blanc - Buy Australian & New Zealand Wines On Line

and there you have my top picks for wine. What do you guys like?

Joanna xo

Saturday, January 7, 2012

lessons in christ

At church this morning i was privileged to listen to some of my local fellowship talk while my pastor is away ministering in Dubai.
I wanted to share about something that was talked about this morning and that has been a huge part of my walk this past year.

Accepting gods gifts -
The biggest thing god ever did for us was everything. He gave us his WORD (his direction for living a rewarding life on this planet). He gave us his son as atonement for our fallen flesh. And with this gift of his son came everything we would ever need to have the life that god desired for us to have while we are fleshly creatures.And its the PACKAGE of this gift i want to spend a moment talking about.

BUT BEFORE i get to that, there is a very important point i want to stress. A point that has changed my life.
My love, my life, my actions are not suffient to gain gods favor. Not anyone of us can work our way to the heart of god. Its like asking the poorest person in the world to give all their worldly possessions to the king of the country.  Our love is fraught with human frailty, emotional instability, and selfish intent. That is the sinful nature of fallen flesh. This is who we are!

God KNOWS who we are, he gave us a lifeline in his PERFECT son. God doesn't want us to give him our works. What god wants of us is to RECIEVE his perfect, never ending, unconditional love. That right there is how we please god.

ACCEPTING and RECEIVING the death and resurrection of his son, to set us free from the condemnation of our fallen flesh. Is how we truly honor god.

John, was the only disciple who truly got how much Christ loved him. It wasn't a case of Christ loving him more. It was simply that John got it, and didn't let the condemnation of fallen flesh take away from the perfect love of God. What a wonderful place to sit. In all assurity of gods unfailing, love for each and everyone of us!

The ultimate Gift From God - EVERYTHING

God doesn't have more to give us. Asking god for his blessings is redundant. God has poured out his blessings on all of mankind. But how many of us have really received them?
With Christs death came a huge PACKAGE - it contains: endless health, abundance in all things, blessings, instruction on how to get the most from life on earth, forgiveness, redemption a list too big to cover. Refer to the bible for each and everyone of God's promises to YOU, and by accepting that GOD cannot lie...claim each one of these things for your life.

The catch - YOUR LIFE. haha, I'm not kidding. The good news?

Its your old life god wants. When we come to accept Christ as our savior in order to receive all he has to give us - we have to make some room. Its like as my pastor would say :"god wants to give you a shiny new car, but you cant put it into your garage unless you move out the old car."

Some of us want the new car and the old car. But this isn't really living in the victory of what Christ has given us.

What does it mean to give our life?

it means to understand that while we are imperfect, we strive to understand how gods method of living is and put that into practice in our life. REMEMBER gods grace covers our sinful nature, our sinful past, present and future. God wants us to take the "shiny new life" filled with all his blessings and use it to have the life of our dreams.  But this is our choice. While its what god wants for us, its up to us individually to accept and RECEIVE.

I have realized that many Christians including myself - were good at accepting, but horrible at receiving. Always allowing the condemnation of a past interfere with the blessings of a future.

Its by resting in god and his promises for us, that allows those blessings of the received package to manifest into physical realities. But when we are busy trying to prove things to god by our works, we are blocking the manifesting of his blessings that have ALREADY been poured, and are waiting for us.

So i encourage you all to seek god, and learn of his love for you. A love that surpasses any you have known. A love that never strays, that is always pure and that will sustain a lifetime. Don't fall into the trap of feeling unworthy, shamed, and condemned. These are simply traps from this worldly system to stop us believing that Gods love covers everything. And that its ours, no matter where you are in your walk. God loves the criminal as much as the priest. God's love is not bias. God only wants each and everyone of us to receive, and live our life as it was designed. That is the true nature of God's love.

Be blessed,
joanna xo

disclaimer: these are my personal interpretations of scriptural principles based on study and biblical teaching from faith friends church. I am sharing something that has set me free from religiosity within my walk.  I do respect the view point of others, and am in no-way putting down differing belief systems.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

best Christmas ever

WHAT an amazing week. From the moment i laid my eyes on my husband casually laying on my bed, to the heart wrenching moment our hands left one another as he departed. It was a week filled with magic, and memories and confirmation that the type of love we have for one another is beyond any that we have ever known! What a true blessing.

OK, but i wont bore you all with the lovey dovey. But i will spend a moment or two letting you all know some of the differences between our cultures as seen and commented on by my hubby.

1.The clean air...and the fresh salty smell of being right beside the ocean (without having the pollution of a city nearby)

2. The fact that the beaches here (in port macquarie) are:
A. not covered in trash, infact you hardly see any.
B. Very underpopulated in the peak of tourist season.
By comparison alot of his knowledge of american beaches are to quote a phrase, "breathe and you smell the arse of the person next to you",  kind of populated!

3. We don't have the kind of poverty they do in the US, mostly good old governement assistance and also the fact that while the cost of living maybe higher. Every person has the opportunity to earn a good wage. A person here working in a supermarket would indeed be able to support his family. Not so much the case in the US.

4. People in Australia have a more carefree, positive demeanor.

5. The service industry thing to be said for tips is people work for their money, in our country the meaning of service is rarely known unless you are paying top dollar for your meal. In the US no-one stands around at a bar waiting to order a drink at a restaurant or cafe. I think i am a huge huge fan of this. And look out port Mac if we decide to open anything competitive here!

6. Even in the towns that are coastal you will still pay top dollar for seafood....go figure?!

Overall my husband thinks he is an Australian at heart, and it took less than 6 days for him to fall in love with this country...warts and all. And this was a huge shock to i am sure that your all aware ALL Americans think america is the only place that's got it all. And maybe to some degree they do. But you know what...i'd take alittle less that all for the peaceful and relaxed Aussie lifestyle any day. And i think He would too.

Sunburn, thongs (the kind you wear on your feet), and lazy summer dayz,
joanna xo