Wednesday, April 13, 2011

whats your personality group?

So this is just alittle fun. Acording to Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC) there are four personality groups, of which one will be what our main persoanlity consists of. Having said that many time people fit into more than one group. 

SANGUINE: (san-gwen) the popular personality - fun, outgoing, optimistic...but disorganised and too chatty.

CHOLERIC: (collaric) the powerful personality - Goal-orinated, born leader, confident...but bossy and insensitive.

MELANCHOLY: (melon-colly) the perfect personality - Deep, thoughtful, orgainsed...but negative and often depressed.

PHLEGMATIC: (flag-matic) the peaceful personality - Pleasent, easygoing, adaptable...but indecisive and unmotivated.

So which one are you? heres a basic checklist of the main traits of each group, keep a tally and find out what groups you fit into. If you find that you get about an even number of checks for each group it means you are most likely phlegmatic (as they are most adaptable and can function well in every group.)  Generally you will score higher in two groups, but for the most part people wont score much in the opposite group. Ie: sanguines and melancholy are opposites as are choleric and phlegmatic.

Sanguine strengths:
animated, playful, sociable,convincing, refreshing, spirited, promoter, spontanious, optimistic, funny, delightful, cheerful, inspiring, demonstrative, mixes easily, talker, lively, cute, popular, bouncy.

Sanguine weaknesses:
brassy, undisiplined, repetitious, forgetful, interrupts, unpredictable,haphazard, permissive, angered easily, naive, wants credit, too talkative, disorganised, inconsistant, messy, show off, loud, scatterbrained, restless, changeable.

Choleric strengths:
Adventorous, persuasive, strong willed, competitive, resourceful, self-reliant, positive, sure, outspoken, forceful, daring, confident, independant, decisive, mover, tenacious, leader, chief, productive, bold.

Choleric weaknesses:
Bossy, unsympathetic, resistant, frank, impaitent, unaffectionate, headstrong, proud, arguementative, nervy, workaholic, tactless, domineering, intolerant, manipulative, stubborn, lords over others, short tempered, rash, crafty.

Melancholy strengths:
Analytical, persistant, self-sacrificing, considerate, resepectful, sensitive, planner, scheduled, orderly, faithful, detailed, cultured, idealistic, deep, musical, thoughtful, loyal, chart marker, perfectionist, behaved.

Melancholy weaknesses:
Bashful, unforgiving, resentful, fussy, insecure, unpopular, hard to please, pessimestic, alienated, negative attitude, withdrawn, too sensitive, depressed, moody, skeptical, loner, suspicious, revengeful, critical.

Phlegmatic strengths:
Adaptable, peaceful, submissive, controlled, reserved, satisified, patient, shy, obliging, friendly, diplomatic, consistant, inoffensive, dry humor, mediator, tolerant, listener, contented, pleasent, balanced.

Phlegmatic weaknesses:
Blank, unenthusiastic, reticent, fearful, indecisive, uninvolved, hesitant, plain, aimless, nonchalant, worrier, timid, doubtful, indifferent, mumbles, slow, lazy, sluggish, reluctant, compromising.

So how did you go? Having trouble? Ask someone close you! Once you have worked out what your main traits are we can look at how these traits interact with the other personalities, and how best to get things across to those that think on the opposite scale to you!  More on this over the coming days.

Have a thoughtful day (your sanguine with a side order of choleric, friend)

joanna xo

decisions decisions

It's the holidays, and my girls are in Queensland. Which makes me alittle lonely. My son is at my house re-watchin all the Star-wars series which is nice, and i am nursing the first signs of the flu. Arggghh the joys of the turning seasons. I still have to head into work for a couple of hours tonight, but i suppose i should do it before i begin to feel worse!
  I have a couple of events to attend on saturday, so i think it'll be work, sleep and vitamins till then. I'm struggling to find a costume idea to wear on saturday, you see one event is fancy dress the other is a semi-formal farewell! haha and those of you that know me, know i like to go all out! I'm torn between something pretty and something horrific...dont ask me what my fasination with gory makeup looks is about...i really couldn't tell you. Perhaps its just that there is apart of me that likes to fasinate, or suprise others. Or maybe its just that i have a strange sence of fun. Anyhow if you have any suggestions for me, i'm all ears.
Here are some pics for your enjoyment

(the bottom one was a copy of a look i saw on you-tube i forget the designer,SORRY but it was my take on her zipper mouth look)
have a great day and remember how loved and valued you are, even if your boss, family or friends aren't showing you right now. God and I love you.

joanna xo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the first chill

I must admit that secretly i love the cooler months. There is nothing that says fun to me more loudly than curling up in front of a fireplace with a fluffly rug, sipping a glass of red wine whist reading a great book!
Ok call me boring, but i have lived out many adventures through the pages of books. Not to mention how much i have challenged my fleshly being into something more likeable with the aide of books. Yes i love books! I actually need a library in my home to house the books i own, and the new ones i collect. I always dream't of having a large room that was just for my books, it was double the height of a regular room and had a rolling ladder for those hard to reach books! My room also has a very well padded bay window seat, with luxe cushions and glamourous statues/artwork adorning the corners of the room.  Lastly a large persian rug has prime place across the wooden flooring....big contented day i will take a photo of me lounging in my library. Smiles, never stop dreaming my friends, dreams are one of the glorious treaures the mind is made for.

with love from my bathtub with a good book (second best to fireplace)
joanna xo

Thursday, April 7, 2011

off adventuring

just a quick post to let you know i'm off to queensland. I'm visiting my family in Toowoomba and leaving my girls for 2 weeks vacation! I dont know what i am going to do with myself. Maybe i'll spend this time being productive spring cleaning and making loads of videos...?! hmmm and maybe i'll spend it studying....or perhaps even just relaxing, although i doubt that! Haha. But whatever i do i know i'll be staying busy or i will be emotional...dang kids do that to you.
  I plan to spend the next 4 days doing 18hours of travelling, loads of shopping, lunches and coffees with my mumma, cooking with my pops, churching with my sis and generally finding away to cram 6months worth of family time into 3 days.
 I love easter time. Hope my kids make it back by easter weekend, we have plays to attend and chocolates to buy!

Joanna xo

Saturday, April 2, 2011

dreams vs fears

So whos winning in your life?

joanna xo

1940's with a twist

This look is inspired by an era of grace and elegance. Two types of make up looks prevailed over this time.

1. The SMEAR - an overdrawn top lip almost devoid of cupids bow, and coloured in with a bright orange/red lipstick and glossy finish.
2. The full face make up look that was polished skin- no contouring and little blush if any. Heavily made up eyes, and deep tones on lips.

The look i have created below is a twist on this polished look. I have incorporated dark autumn hued bronze eyes, and a raspberry pink lip.  Hope you enjoy

Joanna xo

modern take on 1950's

i'm a huge vintage buff, and i'm excited to bring you my modern take on the vintage is the 1950's

this was my first youtube video, and yes i dedicated it to my friend kristi!..enjoy xo 

tonight we gonna get on the floor....

Hey my friends, sorry its been sooo long. I have been an emotional write off! Sometimes incredibly high, then others so low i dont know where my thoughts are coming from. But at the end of the day this is what i know: I AM ME...I HAVE A GOOD HEART, THAT ALWAYS TRIES TO DO RIGHT, I FORGIVE MORE THAN I SHOULD, AND I WANT TO LIVE A GOOD LIFE AND INSPIRE OTHERS WHILST ENCOURAING MY CHILDREN TO LEAD A GOOD LIFE! That is the simple truth. Not trying to be righteous. I worked hard to get to this place, and i dont intend to drop it.
  Having said that dont think for one sec i'm perfect. I drink a glass or two more than i should. I preach alittle more than i practise, i unthinkingly judge (although i work on this daily) and i have to push myself to think right on a daily basis...but i'm human! who doesn't have to do this? Even God knows the kind of pressure we face on this earth. You nor i have to attain to perfection for a good life. If we can go to bed most nights knowing that we have done good more than anything else, then is there not some merit in that?
Anyway i've just been sharing some thoughts, know that your all loved...and that there is more to this life than meets the eyes, even scientists have proved the energy rhelms of an afterlife!!!!
living the best life i know how....

joanna xo