Wednesday, March 23, 2011

times of growth

There will be moments in this lifetime that require either a faith/belief or a knowledge far beyond that which is humanly possible.
  Many people in my life have commented over the past year, at how wise the words that come from my mouth are. Even i sometimes wonder how a person of only average education, and limited life experiences in my 33 years can have wisdom that at times even astounds people of much greater years.
  I came to realilse something pretty special. There was a time in my life that i was not ready to give god glory for my gifts. That i was a believer in the laws of attraction and visualisation and belief! And they were the things that drove my life to higher highs and greater opportunities. What i didn't know at this point was what god knew...that i wasnt ready to accept the gifts in my life as being from him, but i was cultivating a belief in something more powerful than i was. A belief so strong that i was beginning to always be positive, that nothing really wore me down and made my life unbearable. A belief that was paramount to the changes happening in my life. What i DIDN'T know was that all these things that i had convinced myself that were my own doing, and the universes way of giving me that ....were GOD all along! The universe is god, the law of attraction is god, working with joy and positivity is being like GOD...and bingo everything fell into place. while i wasn't ready to worship god, i was ready to cultivate faith, and hope and belief...which are very strong components of a realtionship with god. he had already sewed that seed, and it was only a matter of time that i would become aware that it was his presence moving through my life.
  My journey is long and personal, and i have alot of un-conditioning to do, but god knows one thing...that my heart is full of goodness for him, that my life is taking a rightous path, and all the doctrine in the world means little as long as god is speaking in our lives, though us, encouraging the goodness and love that this world is lacking. Everyones journey in life is personal. God gave us all free will, to serve or to ignore, that is our choice. NO-ONE should be judged for his choice, and this judgement will never come from me. Whatever path you take in your life, is your life. I will love you, and cheer for your triumphs no-matter what path life takes you, but please know that for me...having a relationship with God, is something i choose.

with a love filled heart
joanna xo

lost pics & haircuts

What a debarcle i have had with my latest youtube offering!  I filmed a 1960's makeup tutorial only to find out the lighting is shocking, and then to top everything off i couldnt upload the pictures! smiles, well what else can i do? here are the lost pictures after i finally uploaded them.

After all this i looked at my son and realised that after 4 weeks of him trying to grow his hair i could not stand it anylonger. He was beginning to resemble a homeless person. So after much convincing he allowed me near
him with the scissors!!! (insert evil laugh) But the condition was i didnt cut the sides or fringe shorter. seriously i did pretty well. The joys of having hairdressers for friends, and reading "Hair cutting for dummies"...yes i kid you not, there is such a book! lots of laughing now.

We have named this look the willber...hehe (its william's version of Justin Beiber hair)
well i'm off to watch the original little shop of horrors from way way back! its B&W and was made in 2 days. Be blessed in all your joys. Even if they are only old B&W movies!

joanna xo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

folio pictures!

well where has the weekend gone? Mine was filled with much family time, alittle house cleaning, church, lots of time on the beach and a picnic! I filmed a tutorial on a modern take of 1960's makeup, which after i filmed realised was WAY too dark! GRR, i must admit thats something i have trouble with lighting my videos! BUT one of these days i'm going to work it all out.
NOW my camera seems to be having a freak out and not letting me upload any pics, and youtube is testing my paitence BIG TIME, oh well time to move on to something else.
  i am seriously considering getting a diploma in life coaching, and have spent a few weeks now researching my options and finding out what is really involved. I think that has been my trouble before, i've always had grand ideas of what something is, but the reality of what it is..differs greatly! So i've learn't that lesson and research is imperitive to me now.
  I hope you all have had a lovely weekend and found sometime for yourselve's and your loved ones.
Her are a few sample pics of the photo shoot i did a few weeks ago. enjoy and smile for no matter how frustrating our day was, it is ALWAYS worse for someone else on this planet.

joanna xo

Friday, March 18, 2011

mums and life changing moments

i adore my mum! But to be honest its taken alot of years, and hard times to get here. Not that i didn't love her before...haha but there is just a difference when your mum becomes your best friend, and you laugh over silly things and cry over the same pain. You grow into this mutual respect of one another, and you cherish the time you get together...this is how i feel about my mum.
  I am so proud of her. Its been tough at times to face the challenges of finding money, and new jobs at over 60 (i wont disclose her real age), but my mum has come through triumphant. With a passion and a self belief that makes my smile burst at the seems.

  All i ever want for those i love is to live a life filled with joy and accomplishments, yes the inevitable lows always come with the highs, but i also desire all my friends and family to have the skills and the positive thoughts to weather these times with the knowledge of how special and loved they are. And success is variable to each and everyone of us. Some of us want to be CEO's, others want to work part time and put the kids to bed every night. Whatever it is that makes you live a happy and fulfilled life is your success and it should never be determind by someone elses dreams.

love joanna xo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

pics from the past

I was browsing my endless folders of photos on my computer and found all sorts of forgotten gems. These are makeup photos that i have either done on myself, or on models. Its fun to look back and see how far we have come in life, and its always good for a moral boost. Its easy to forget sometimes how good at things we actually are. Often its easy to see the accomplishments in others but we brush aside our own as if they dont really count. Well lets stop
that right now! Take some time to reflect on your own personal accomplishments and growth. You, like me will be amazed at truely how far you have come! Enjoy


Have a wonderful day filled with creative thoughts and happy memories.

Joanna xo

Sunday, March 13, 2011

a day in sunny port mac

I decided to have the day off today to finish up a few things around the house, make some new youtube videos! And generally enjoy the last of the warm weather.

After washing the sunroom windows (you know thats why its a sunroom 3out of 4 walls are glass!) And my large lounge viewing windows. I headed out for a stroll on one of the local beaches Lighthouse beach to be precise, before heading to Bitter Sweet for a coffee. This is the most amazing coffee shop, they make the most delectable treats on site, they are like miniture gourmet cakes. Totally divine! If your in the port macquarie area a visit to Bitter Sweet is a must DO! I'll post some pics of their cakes next time i'm out that way, (forgot my camera today) they are just as pretty to gaze at as, yummo they are to eat.

I've included  some pics of townbeach and the breakwall which is about a 40min walk from my house in the centre of town.

You can even see the dolphins in the river mouth, sighs thats pretty amazing. I really do love this town.

well off to do the mum things, making left-overs and doing the banking! Be sure to check out joannamarie77 on youtube for any video updates.

blue skies and savignon blanc
joanna xo

the sun is always shining somewhere

There are times in our lives when the walls of security seem to vanish as if they were only imaginary
to begin with. This weekend has been one of those times. I'm not going to say more other than, i'm soo very greatful for the loving support and belief of family/friends and God. There are times i dont pray at all, and others when i just cant stop babbling. But God always make me feel better, its as if a peace assends on my spirit. Its not like God gives me answers, but he may and i'm just not quiet enough to hear them. But god does take away my pain, erases my memories, and leaves me the strength to carry on. 
  I am so very blessed to have all that i have in my life. And there is not a day go by that i do not remember that. There is always sunshine after storms, there is always laughter again after sorrow. And its with these thoughts in mind, i will carry about my day.

joanna xo

Friday, March 11, 2011

opps i forgot to add the link

maybe i'm just silly, but i think this is super funny, and i seriously cry with joy when i watch it! But if it just brings a curve to your lips i'll be happy!!! xoxoxo check out my face book page for the vid..
joanna hawthorn

its friday!

Yay, i dont know why but there is something super fun about fridays (maybe its because it means no work on the weekend) although once a business owner there is always work to do!
  I am soo excited to be collecting my professional photos of my models tomorrow...Finally feel like the pics i can put into my folio are a true reflection of the work i do.
  Aside from that today has been challenging. Working for site managers that act like they have all the power, is beyond rediculious! It actaully makes me laugh how ego's can assume that all everyone wants is "money" and that is where they have the upper hand...well let me tell you something MR EGO....M2O ain't going that way!
  We are a company of virtue and integrety, honesty and loyalty. WE give 100% ! I will not let my staff be treated as lesser individuals or with any dis-respect! No job is worth the moral of my workers. If someone will not pay when they gave me ytheir word they would (simply because they cant be bother filling the paper work), then dont expect the job to be done! I demand respect for my company, and its employees.
  This world is full of bullies, whether it cyber, work place, school yard, or within your peer group...IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Stand up for your rights, and be true to yourself, your beliefs, and your principles. No ammount of money is worth your self-respect or your dignity.

From the girl about to set things straight...

joanna xo

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my day on film

For my friends, you all know how silly i can be. BUT pair me with D, and i'm a lunatic!
This little insight into our day should provide you with a few giggles!

Love you Diana, thanks for making my days sooo much fun!
joanna xo

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

no time to meditate!?

We all know how good meditation is on our busy minds ability to relax. This is because meditation takes the left side brains thinking component and dims it down, allowing our right and creative brain side to have center stage. This is the state in which ideas flow more readily and we can hear our feelings above the busy workings of our internal chatter!

 Sometimes its just impossible to find some solitude to indulge in this practise, so i have a solution!

                                                              The MANDALA.

This is likened to a snowflake under a microscope. Mandalas have been used by eastern mystics for centuries, as a relaxation aid, and a way to find clarity.
After concentrating on the image for a few minutes we find our brain to become quiter, busy thoughts and chatter replaced with "pleasant calm". Leaving us in a state of what i like to call relaxed alertness. This happens because our focus is on the center of the object and our right side brain is comfortable with shapes and images, also having the ability to take in a whole picture. BUT be warned: if you have not tried meditation before your left side brain will try to distract you...adding in thoughts, or trying to work out the details! If you notice this happening, just continue to bring your attention back to the focal point in the center of the object. Do this over and over as often as required. For at some point your left side will stop doing this, or you will stop noticing!
For real benifits i would suggest doing this exercise daily for a minimum of 7-10mins. But if your in a pinch and feeling stressed even a couple of minutes will help! Image has been taken from "the right-brain manager" by Dr Harry Alder.

Why not store this image on your computer at work or home, then you too can find a way to adopt the ancient art of meditation into your busy lives!

To less stress, more creative ideas, and peaceful minds
joanna xo

Monday, March 7, 2011

things that make me happy when i'm feeling sad

So they say that whatever goes up must come down, and THEY are right. Our fabulously high moral and attitutes at times do the enevitable dive bomb to a place that can make us uncomfortable and sad. So knowing this happens on occasion i thought i'd share some of the 'not-so-deep-and-meaningful-ways' i can be cheered up!

10. Looking at old photos of family and friends

9. Doing something no-matter how small on building my businesses
8. Re-arranging a room, espically my bedroom something as small as new cushions makes me smile

7. Buying some new jewellery (espically the fashion stuff from DIVA)
6. Looking back on and celebrating personal acheivements
5. Josh Groban songs!! (mostly the ones sung in Italian)
4. My castelbel candle in fig & pear...oh how this makes my heart melt, so sad its almost gone and i dont know where to get another one! :(

3. A hug attached to the words "we can fix anything"
2. My little people singing me songs or doing dances

And coming in at number 1 is.......

Yes, i am addicted. They have been my comfort since before i could read. Now i read them to my little ones. I dont think i'll ever grow out of this childhood treasure..:)

With thoughts of joyful days,
joanna xo

Getting a DIY salon fake bake!

Summer is almost over here in australia, and with the winter months comes dry and pale skin...but not with these tips and tricks on having a salon perfect DIY tan year round. These are the products you will need.
An oil-free moisturiser, an exfoliating scrub, a full strenght fake tanner, a daily fake tan.

Step 1. one wants a patchy tan. The trick to this is to use something that doesn't leave an oil-based film on your skin. I love DOVE's daily exfoliating shower scrub, its not too scratchy and is lightweight. I even use this on my face. (It retails for $4 from priceline pharmacy's)

Step 2. Lightly moisturise your knees, feet & ankles, wrists, and elbows. This stops product from buliding up in the tiny cracks these parts of the body place host to.

Step 3. Use a full-strength tanner of choice. Be warned the darker the shade is the more of that nasty fake tan smell the product will give off. This just comes with the territory, without DHA, the product wont develop. No matter what a company claims on its bottle at some stage of the processing a tan smell will occur! The only time this is virtually invisible is when using a daily tanner as the level of DHA is alot less.
I'm using Amcal chemist brand in : Instant extra dark self-tan mousse. (this retails for $10 for 150gms.) I like mousse based formulations as they dry quickly and feel light weight on the skin, they also work well in the humidity. This one is bronze in colour which means you know where you have put it, and you get colour whilst it is developing!
Step 4. Either re-apply your choosen shade 1 day later only on the parts that really need it. (never on feet, knees or elbows) OR as i do, wait a day or 2. Then begin to apply a daily tanning formula to maintain the tan without making it wear off in patches. I recommend using a daily tan once every 2 days to maintain results.I currently use St tropez daily gradual tanning mousse,(this is alittle pricey at $35 for 120mls) but i also like Doves version in light to medium.

 Step 5.Moisturise daily inbetween all this. Then once a week or as your tan fades ( i usually go ten days) exfoliate well and begin the whole process again. This is my routine for having flawlessly tanned skin year-round without the horrible tan build up!

ALWAYS TAN YOUR FACE. Mousse's are great for this as they dont cause breakouts! No-one looks good with a tanned body and a white face!!!!

This is me 2 days after tanning, without make-up. Oh i lie i am wearing mascara. :)

heres to an endless summer.
joanna xo

fashions and photoshoots

A few weeks ago i got together with some of my friends and created a makeover shoot. This consisted of hair makeup and a studio photography sitting. My good friend Sonya helped by creating some amazing hairstyles. Anyway today i got to go to photographers and view the pics! Boy did they turn out well! i was sooo happy that everything translated so well to print. Which is always a concern being a makeup artist. Alot of people know how to do makeup, but they dont know how to photography makeup...huge difference!
So this was a personal test of my skills in a pro setting. Anyway prior to sharing some of the professional pics i thought i'd post my behind the scenes video of Sonya and i at work.

May your day be filled with laughter and memories too.
joanna xo

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jennifer Lopez- on the floor (makeup)

Loving J-Lo's diversion back to the dance floor! This colaboration with Pitt bull has got me grabbing my keys and calling my girls all over again.
Today i thought i'd do a LOTD (look of the day) featuring one of the looks in the clip. Its the one where J-lo is wearing the silver-rhinstone catsuit.
Sighs, yes i know i cut all hair off so i'm not even going to try to replicate the whole look, just the makeup!
I'd post a tutorial of this over the coming week. But for now check out the video!

joanna xo

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well its 4pm sunday, and the weekend has gone like a blur! It seems like i've run a pre-school for most of it. Haha. Just went out for coffee, and about to put my declicious "secret recipe" meatloaf on to bake. Which is a favourite of adam's (my georgous man.)
  Here's a couple of pics from the girls makeover last night, which was so fun for them. They loved being made-up with flawless skin and pretty soft makeup colours, I played around with the hair, but i'm definately no hairdresser!

Have a great sunday
joanna xo

Friday, March 4, 2011


Here was my makeup for the day, just a nice flush of gold and some natural false lashes excentuate the eyes.
Glowing cheeks, tanned skin and a nude mouth pull it all together.

This is my favourite everyday look, its fresh and summery looking. Whats your favourite warm weather makeup?
Joanna xo

birthday parties in the rain

Today was the combined Birthday celebrations of both my girls (they were born 4 days, & several yrs apart)
We had arranged a party at the town pools, utilising the Aqua scramble (a giant floating playground), a pizza delivery service, and the warmth of the glorious Australian sun....hmmm and then 5am i awoke to howling winds, and unrelenting rain...New plan!

Older kids off to movies, then strolling through the local mall. Young ones at my home for a princess party complete with old fashioned party games. Pass the parcel, dress up and eat the chocolate with a knife and fork, twister, arts & crafts, dress ups, as well as mini manicures with rinestones..ohh la la.
I have to admit that i'm not much of a "kids party" kind of mother, but today i actually enjoyed myself. Its 2.30pm and the remaining children are quietly colouring, i'm enjoying an afternoon glass of chilled wine in preperation for my real fun...i'm suprising my eldest daughter and her bestie to a makeover and photoshoot tonight. YAY.

so its with lime green toenails, and contented sighs i bid you farewell!

joanna xo


Just a quick post of my two georgous girls in their athletics attire, super cute. Its seasons end now, so we have to find a new winter hobby. I must admit, i adore blogging more than anything i have done online so far! Perhaps its the Psuedo writer in me vying for attention, or maybe it's just that it all comes together and allows me to place all my creative outlets in the one place, but whatever the case maybe its working for me!!! Now to get me some subscribers...(rubs her plams together whilst raising one eyebrow)...:)