Tuesday, October 4, 2011

how do i make my makeup stay on all day!?

I have many people ask me how i get my makeup to stay on all day long! Well there are several reasons for this, and i will walk you through them all. But first we need to get back to the basic science of liquids.
LIKE attracts to LIKE

So what does this mean for makeup?
Well if you are using a product such as moisturiser that is designed for dry skin, then it is likey to have a major ingredient of OIL. If then you are applying a foundation that is primarily WATER based (as most are) then whats going to happen after a few hours?

Your foundation will begin to slip. The two ingredients don't bond, infact they repel one another! So its important that you check out the basic "compatiblity" of your moisturising products and your foundation. If oil is listed in the top few ingredients (as it is in most creams for dry skin) then you need to make sure your foundation also has a higher oil content.

I will write a post of suitable foundation choices shortly.

Also a common mistake people make before applying their foundation is underestimating the moisturising content in it. Unless it is specially designed for oily skin, then it will have some form of moisturisation. If you over load your products - ie: face cream, sunscreen, eye cream, SPF, primer, then you are asking for TROUBLE! How on earth is anything supposed to stay fixed to that?

 My recommendation for oily skin is; primer + eye cream only, (get your SPF in your foundation.) Normal/combination + dry skin can use a suitable moisturiser of choice an eye cream + primer (if desired) SPF's can be combined in a day cream, or a foundation. The only time this is a problem is if photographs are being taken in which case you would want to avoid SPF, as it reflects the light causing a "pale face".

*Please note i am not a specialist and am only giving you my opinnion as a makeup artist.

Next if you blot your foundation with a tissue before applying powder this will help things last for longer.

The final option (and once again if you have sensitive or dry skin this may be something you want to avoid) is a setting spray - model in a bottle is a good option, but can be irritating as it has alcohol in it, which also drys out the skin. But it does a fantastic job of ensuring everything stays put for the whole day and night!

EYES- always use a primer on the lids my favourites are in listed preference: Too faced eye shadow primer. Urban decay Primer potion. Once this is on, put powder over top before applying your eyeshadow.

LIPS- put foundation over the lips and lightly powder, prior to lining. Always apply a nude liner (this will go with any lipstick choice) filling in the ENTIRE lips. Then use your lipstick of choice, and blot with a tissue, reapply if required and blot again. Forgo the gloss if you dont want to touch up.

Well i hope this helps with making sure you look picture perfect all day long!

be blessed my beautiful friends.
joanna xo

Saturday, October 1, 2011

rainy saturdays

Since i have been back from the USA, everything seems to be on either fast forward or total slowmo. i've been blessed to have my sister come and live with me for a few months. Over the school holidays this has been a total god send!

My business partner is also away on holiday (great for her, extra busy for me) so i am struggling to find the time to get all the things done i would like to. Things such as sorting out my house for transition to the states, working out the future of my business, keeping up with my writing, my blogs, maintaining a healthy marriage from half a world away...and the list goes on. BUT you know what? I am soooo happy, i feel incredibly blessed. I know that god is constantly coming through for me- not because i am any different to anyone else, simply because i choose to live in his victory. Everytime i think i have to work hard at something to sort it out, he reminds me its all sorted...and it is!!!

Today i thought it was time to get back in front of that camera and make a tutorial. I must say its not the easiest thing i do. However i do love what i do and sharing it comes naturally, even if seeing ones self on camera doesn't.

enjoy, and be blessed
joanna xo