Saturday, October 1, 2011

rainy saturdays

Since i have been back from the USA, everything seems to be on either fast forward or total slowmo. i've been blessed to have my sister come and live with me for a few months. Over the school holidays this has been a total god send!

My business partner is also away on holiday (great for her, extra busy for me) so i am struggling to find the time to get all the things done i would like to. Things such as sorting out my house for transition to the states, working out the future of my business, keeping up with my writing, my blogs, maintaining a healthy marriage from half a world away...and the list goes on. BUT you know what? I am soooo happy, i feel incredibly blessed. I know that god is constantly coming through for me- not because i am any different to anyone else, simply because i choose to live in his victory. Everytime i think i have to work hard at something to sort it out, he reminds me its all sorted...and it is!!!

Today i thought it was time to get back in front of that camera and make a tutorial. I must say its not the easiest thing i do. However i do love what i do and sharing it comes naturally, even if seeing ones self on camera doesn't.

enjoy, and be blessed
joanna xo

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