Saturday, September 24, 2011

the black hole of blogersville

So everyone gets to a point in their blog, that they either go on extended vacation, or just egt plain un-inspired! Usually this happens much further into a blog than mine, and i apologise to all three subscribers..haha.

I have been enjoying a new realtionship that has absorbed much of my time. i have also been overseas. But heres a recap on all the news.

I got married. I have another blog that chronicles those events more throughly. But i am back in australia, and focusing on my business, and getting my Visa's sorted so my family and i can go and live in the USA for awhile.  This is a pretty insane time for me, but i am choosing to see it as a huge opportunity to grow and learn in many aspects of my life.

I trust that your all well, and enjoying your journeys xo

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