Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting perfectly groomed brows

Wether your brows are unruly, too thin, too sparce, too thick- we have the soutions!

PROBLEM: Unruly brows
these tend to be bushy, and with hairs that scatter in all directions.

SOLUTION: Brush all the hairs upwards with a mascara comb ending the comb at the top of your natural eyebrow, then neatly trim the excess hairs (that come past the end of the comb) with a pair of curved cuticle scissors. Do this all the way along for natural looking brows.

TIP: Use a clear brow gel to groom into place, or try an old mascara.

PROBLEM: Over-plucked or natural thin brows

SOLUTION: Using a pencil, place it against the side of your nostral up towards your inner brow. Place a dot at the inner brow. Using that same pencil against your nostral, angle the end of the pencil toward the outer edge of your eye. Place a dot here - (in line with where your brow should be.) Then angle the pencil in towards your pupil whilst looking straight ahead all the time leaving the base of the pencil at the nostral. Place a dot above this it should be where the highest point of your brow is to arch.


Now you have the measurements for a perfectly framing brow. Fill this area in with a stiff angle brush and a good eyeshadow that is about 2 shades lighter than your hair colour UNLESS your blonde then you can go 1-2 shades darker.


After this i like to apply some brow liner, just in feather light strokes to give some dimension and realism to the fake hair we are drawing in.

Tip: As a final step, use a brow mascara that the brush has been wiped well and go over the brows. Not only does this thicken the hair but it seamlessly blends all the products.

Perfectly groomed brows completely make the face. It sets the basis of most looks, and lets you get away with simply adding some mascara a swipe of lip gloss and your good to go!

faking it with the best of em....joanna xo

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