Sunday, May 8, 2011

embracing the storm

I have been so super busy lately that all my hobbies have suffered! I berely have time to do any make-up work, blogging has been out the window, and writing my book has taken a back seat too.
  I am living as a single mum now while running an expanding company. I have business study comittments one evening per week, as well as one 16hr cleaning day a week on top of a full-time workload. then there is  weekly bible study. I have a large 3bdrm house that needs my attention, a swimming pool to keep clean, tropical gardens to keep on top of. An child with special needs, as well as a realtionship that i have been trying to salvage. Now i am not complaining! I love my life.
  All this could easily become alittle overwhelming to alot of people...and dont think it wasnt momentarily so for me too. But i can honestly say that God is making this whole process alot smoother than i ever imagined.
  Now for some time management strategies and were home and hosed. I want to start getting up earlier so i can fit in my daily physical training, and make good healthy food to take to work. (my body isnt coping with the physical demands) I want to allot time to working on my makeup every week. I also need to spend atleast 2 nights a week writing if i want to finish this book sometime this year...all the while being a present and attentive mother. The only way i see any of this happening is simply managing my time better. It also doesnt help that i just want to crawl into bed with a good book for hours on end. But i usually limit my daily reading to bath-time and bed-time. I have managed to finish 4 books this month despite all the other stuff. However i dont know if i can continue at this pace. Haha see thats just my nature, when i like something i go for it. I put so much energy into things in the beginning, and not all can pan out as i dont have the "STEAM" to continue. Anyway i just wanted you to know i was alive and doing well (all things considered). And i am looking forward to the next chapter of my life. Back to regular posts next week.

                          This picture was from this time last what can change in a year! 

embracing the storm
joanna xo

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  1. Hi Sweetie! Gosh you definitely are busy! God willing you will accomplish all of your hearts desires and His desire most importantly. Wishing you a happy mothers day...wasn't sure if you guys celebrate it there. Talk with you soon! Love that picture of you!!!
    XO Carrie