Saturday, May 14, 2011

personality plus pt2

Learning to appreciate and make the most of the opposing personality types is the aim of successful interactions. Espically in business.
People are productive, but we shouldn't use them.
We should not try to change others (this has been a hard lesson learnt), but should learn to change our understanding of them.

Of the specific types, learning to appreciate and utilise these main traits will help:
-Sanguine's have a light carefree attitute
-Choleric's have a "take-charge" attitute
-Meloncholy's are attention to detail people
-Phlegmatic's have a faithful support thing going on

also knowing that we are born with our personality type is a bonus, and while we can tweek certain things, the core of our natural strenghts will still reside within our type. learning that each type is motivated differently also helps.

Emotional needs of the major types:
-Sanguine's need to be noticed and complimented
-Choleric's need to be appreciated in every aspect of what they do for others
-Meloncholy's need us to understand and not ridicule them
-Phlegmatic's need respect for who they are, regardless of what they do

*information taken from "personality plus at work"- Florence Littauer & Rose Sweet

have a blessed, insightful week my friends.

joanna xo

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