Monday, July 11, 2011

business breakthroughs

My business partner and i had taken a break from really building our company over the past few months. It can be tough to have enough passion to push through the hard places at the best of times - let alone when things go wrong. Between the endless turn over of good staff, the consistant drop off within the domestic industry, and with the CASH gap...our business was beginning to look alittle less vibrant that we liked.

But enter renewed passion and belief. In a few short weeks we have gone from wondering exactly what was going to happen to this business, to walking in joy, assurity and passion for all the things that ARE going to happen in this business and its stems over the next year! Mental renewal and shear determination with huge helpings of faith have showen time and again to be a winning formula.

If your facing a challenging time in your life, remember to look past the circumstance. Even when things are changing for the better the outward appearance still might not have caught up to the internal workings.

Be paitent, stay focused and things always turn around. Find the joy in even the smallest victory, for where there is joy, there are many many things!!!

Hard work, lots of laughter, and passive income

joanna xo

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