Wednesday, May 22, 2013

beginning of the week blues

HI friends, this has been one hectic start to the week!!
After work Sunday evening i was called to the emergency ward at the children's hospital due to an accident that occurred on a water-slide involving my daughter and her friend. One ambulance ride, several hours and multiple tests later, we are sent on our way with reports of whiplash, concussion and a neck brace.
  Awesome way to start the week. On a plus note my daughter is ok and it could have been far worse.
So Monday i played mummy. I cooked, spring cleaned, made all the necessary phone calls, edited some vids and in general just made sure i was here to keep tabs on my child (who needed plenty of rest.)
Roll around Tuesday and its modelling for MAC day...YAY! So after arranging a carer for my child. I am off to Polaris to visit the MAC store and be a model for my friend and MAC business manager-Habby.
  This was a great day and i learnt some useful techniques and i am sure that Habby learnt a lot too. Such things as: how to fix eyebrows that don't even appear related. What color to use to contour my pasty skin that magically got a few shades darker and is now in between shades! (hahah) Poor Hab's, i know it was challenging. Oh, and covering one of my tattoos too, she did super well on that one!We did have a great time.
 Photo: At the Mac testing area Polaris 
Winding up Tuesday we had a bite to eat at "the pub". i'm sure you can all imagine how excited i got when i saw a place like this in my town!!!
  Then off to collect my baby girl and take her to school for a performance, and boy oh boy was it crazy town at the school?! I thought i had walked into a rave filled with infants on speed!!! It was nuts. Smoke machines, strobe lighting, confetti guns, and music so loud you couldn't hear yourself think. I LOVED IT....:)
watching my little girl (who ironically towers over everyone else) do her "i'm country and i know it" dance...just cracked me up!! let me see if i can post a video or at-least some pics of this day. But for now here is the link to that awesome song if you want to check it out...:)

  And here we are at the end of Wednesday already! Today has been filled with more of the same mothering and phone calls tomorrow its back to work. And hopefully a half day of school for my big baby. :) She is doing much better, but we are taking things easy.

be blessed,
joanna hawthorn xo

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