Saturday, May 18, 2013


Wow, so yeah....i guess it has been FOREVER since i wrote on my blog. Forgive me, and lets move forward with some consistent content shall we?
In brief i got married and moved maybe you understand my little hiatus?!

I have become just "a little" obsessed with YouTube lately and all its visual glory. I think there is a flame in my heart that just cannot be contained. A burning desire to impart every aspect of my passion for makeup into the hearts and minds of anyone willing to watch and listen.
Whether this is new to you, or you are a seasoned professional i hope my channel brings you light and joy, and maybe a tip or two as well! ;)
i think in all honesty i am going to utilize this space for photos and product info on looks that i don't get around to filming.
be sure and check out my youtube channel if you haven't and if you enjoy subscribing and thumbs up-ing is the way to show me your love! ;)

Be super blessed, knowing you are loved, unique, and welcomed into my world.

warm regards,
joanna hawthorn xo

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