Friday, May 24, 2013

Mastering the basics series - concealer 101

HI guys,
concealer can be one of those tricky makeup tasks! Whether its how to find the right shade, or what texture you need to cover which imperfection it can all seem a little daunting. So i hope this post sheds some light on the subject.

Why do we need concealer and what is its function?
Some of you wont need it, others will swear by it. Basically concealer is a more pigmented version of foundation, which comes in multiple textures for different jobs. If you have pretty good skin minus some under-eye bags or a pimple here or there then concealer will be your best friend in achieving that "no-makeup look". I love to just use a concealer on the "flaws" and blend into the skin for people that have great skin and want to look naturally flawless. NO foundation needed! Set with some translucent powder over the whole face and your good to go. (Maybe add some mascara and lip gloss to finish the look..:) )

Concealer can be used to cover and alter under eye circles (bags, which usually have a blue-purple or green tint.) A salmon colored concealer in a gel or other light weight texture works best in this area to avoid creasing ! Which is NOT a good look. So look for peachy hues in this instance. Check out Eve pearl salmon concealer, or a luminous pen in a peach shade try lancome, clinique, or L'Oreal for some great options.

For spot, scar or birthmark coverage then you may want something a little thicker textured. I love Napoleon Perdis pro-palette for this. As well as L'Oreal true match. These products will be heavy enough to cover and once set with powder wont budge. Be  sure and pick a skin true tone! You dont want anything darker or lighter in this instance.

If you are one of those people who are blessed with NO under eye bags OR blemishes, then you may want to use concealer as a highlight. (As may the rest of us that are simply faking perfect under eyes and blemish free skin!) In this situation you do want to find a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin and use it in the triangular shape under your eye area (as demonstrated in the video link) and anywhere else you want to highlight or bring forward the face. I again love L'Oreal true match for this, or any illuminating pen. Top of the line YSL...right through to maybelline! You can all find one that suits your budget.

SO now your even more confused? Well bottom line we can all use one concealer that is skin tone and good to cover pimples or random issues, and we can almost always use something brightening and peachy colored (more orange if you have dark skin) for the under eye area. I use my lancome tient miracle pen as both a corrector and a highlight.

well my friends i hope this has been informative. Be blessed, and know that you are all empowered to give to the world whatever gifts have been bestowed on you!

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joanna hawthorn xo

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