Wednesday, April 13, 2011

whats your personality group?

So this is just alittle fun. Acording to Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC) there are four personality groups, of which one will be what our main persoanlity consists of. Having said that many time people fit into more than one group. 

SANGUINE: (san-gwen) the popular personality - fun, outgoing, optimistic...but disorganised and too chatty.

CHOLERIC: (collaric) the powerful personality - Goal-orinated, born leader, confident...but bossy and insensitive.

MELANCHOLY: (melon-colly) the perfect personality - Deep, thoughtful, orgainsed...but negative and often depressed.

PHLEGMATIC: (flag-matic) the peaceful personality - Pleasent, easygoing, adaptable...but indecisive and unmotivated.

So which one are you? heres a basic checklist of the main traits of each group, keep a tally and find out what groups you fit into. If you find that you get about an even number of checks for each group it means you are most likely phlegmatic (as they are most adaptable and can function well in every group.)  Generally you will score higher in two groups, but for the most part people wont score much in the opposite group. Ie: sanguines and melancholy are opposites as are choleric and phlegmatic.

Sanguine strengths:
animated, playful, sociable,convincing, refreshing, spirited, promoter, spontanious, optimistic, funny, delightful, cheerful, inspiring, demonstrative, mixes easily, talker, lively, cute, popular, bouncy.

Sanguine weaknesses:
brassy, undisiplined, repetitious, forgetful, interrupts, unpredictable,haphazard, permissive, angered easily, naive, wants credit, too talkative, disorganised, inconsistant, messy, show off, loud, scatterbrained, restless, changeable.

Choleric strengths:
Adventorous, persuasive, strong willed, competitive, resourceful, self-reliant, positive, sure, outspoken, forceful, daring, confident, independant, decisive, mover, tenacious, leader, chief, productive, bold.

Choleric weaknesses:
Bossy, unsympathetic, resistant, frank, impaitent, unaffectionate, headstrong, proud, arguementative, nervy, workaholic, tactless, domineering, intolerant, manipulative, stubborn, lords over others, short tempered, rash, crafty.

Melancholy strengths:
Analytical, persistant, self-sacrificing, considerate, resepectful, sensitive, planner, scheduled, orderly, faithful, detailed, cultured, idealistic, deep, musical, thoughtful, loyal, chart marker, perfectionist, behaved.

Melancholy weaknesses:
Bashful, unforgiving, resentful, fussy, insecure, unpopular, hard to please, pessimestic, alienated, negative attitude, withdrawn, too sensitive, depressed, moody, skeptical, loner, suspicious, revengeful, critical.

Phlegmatic strengths:
Adaptable, peaceful, submissive, controlled, reserved, satisified, patient, shy, obliging, friendly, diplomatic, consistant, inoffensive, dry humor, mediator, tolerant, listener, contented, pleasent, balanced.

Phlegmatic weaknesses:
Blank, unenthusiastic, reticent, fearful, indecisive, uninvolved, hesitant, plain, aimless, nonchalant, worrier, timid, doubtful, indifferent, mumbles, slow, lazy, sluggish, reluctant, compromising.

So how did you go? Having trouble? Ask someone close you! Once you have worked out what your main traits are we can look at how these traits interact with the other personalities, and how best to get things across to those that think on the opposite scale to you!  More on this over the coming days.

Have a thoughtful day (your sanguine with a side order of choleric, friend)

joanna xo

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