Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finding the princess a prince

So a good friend of mine (yes it really is someone else!!) has decided that after years of being a single mum she is going to give Eharmony a try. I (after having permission of course) thought i might chronicle some of her journey, and share it with you!
For those of you that live under a rock- eharmony is referred to as one of the only online dating sites that matches you on deep compatibiltiy, giving you what they claim as a much higher chance of meeting Mr or Mrs right. Their focus isnt on quantity but rather on quality matching.

Ok so if you have an hour or two spare to set up your profile, then your on your way! There is a very detailed selection of questions, close to a couple of hundred, most are just "pick wether this is correct for you" type of answers, that means only choosing Yes, No or somewhat. But through this insightful questionaire process, self discovery abounds. And its at moments like these that we can realise we may have forgotten to ask ourselves some pretty important questions during relationships past!

Overal the process was enjoyable for my friend, humourous for me (as i was her sidekick) and pretty exciting once you finally get to uploading your pics...

then of course its just a matter of waiting for the matches to pour in....ahem, i said... pour in....maybe you didn't hear me WHERE ARE THE MATCHES?

oh man, i believe it was a full 3 days before my friend started to get matches.  After paying a sign up fee, and praying to god about this...She was having an inevitable "buyers remorce" moment. And of course i was feeling incredibly guilty as it was with my proding that this whole suggestion came about.

I had scoured the internet trying to find answers, and i was slightly reassured to find out that this also happened to others. And one way to look at it was the my friend had HIGH STANDARDS...so i reminded her of this and she seemed to relax alittle.

I was enormously relieved to find the following day she received several matches, and they are continuing to come though. Now the fun really begins.

I have taken a backseat here, (as impossible as some of you my think that is for me) insisting that she makes her own choices and will only offer an opinnion of it is asked for. I must say though i find this whole process fasinating, and i cant wait to see where it takes her.

I'll post more on the way the site runs as i know more. Stay tuned for more adventures of love in the 21st century.

Joanna xo

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