Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So its that time of year again for me where i have decided to give my body a break from solid foods.
Usually with the mind set of internal digestive cleansing, i take 3-5 days and stick to a variant of juices, water, teas (without milk) and home-made lemonade.

This time however my main purpose is spiritual. And i will say that anytime we detox it does have a natural spiritual element.

So i'm in day 2.5 and feeling rather well. I havent had any of the usual headaches and general flu like symptoms! Yay. I am thinking of extending it to a full 5 days. However i will definately add some protein shakes in the last two days, as manual labor day in day out can be even more exhausting than usual while fasting. And its generally recommended that you rest over this time.

If your considering your own detox or fast I recommend doing your research and finding something that suits your needs. If your a first-timer, set yourself a goal of no more than 3 days, and it can certainly be a tough 3 days the first time around. However after this time some excellent things begin to happen. Not just in the body, but also the mind. I always find that i feel much lighter, my concentration and focus improves. And i just feel so much healthier and spiritually aware.

Breaking a fast - this is the most important step! No matter how long you fast for its very important not to just decide to eat randomly the day you end it! You have to ease into eating, its suggested to just have a piece of fruit or two the first day out. Eating anything rich, diary, or fatty will make you feel AWFUL- be warned! Then work up to one meal the next day, avoiding meat for as long as you can.  If you can, focus on raw organic food for an entire week.This shouldn't be too differcult seeing as you didnt eat for several days, and will definately further the benefits. As a bonus, just being able to eat is such a wonderful treat in itself.


So heres to glowing skin, twinkling eyes, clarity of mind and spiritual wellness!


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