Saturday, January 28, 2012

Power of the mind

I have been doing alot of research lately in the power of the mind and what causes the outward patterns of life, from our internal workings!

Neural pathways

I have come across some very interesting findings. I will share the ones i can make sense of to explain.
Here is a huge statement....

96-98% of all our pre programmed behaviors and actions are created and played out through our subconscious mind!

So what does this actually mean?

It means that only 2-4% of our thinking can have any affect on the things the mind has been conditioned to believe and accept through repeated training, and experience. That means WILL POWER has very, very little to do with accomplishing anything.

And in order to change the external patterns (that are the actions of our lives) we have to change the internal system...its like trying to cut a tomato with a spoon...the wrong tools wont give you the desired results. When we focus on trying to change things in our life by using our conscious thinking when our "unconscious thinking" is programmed to REJECT that new way of thinking...we can spend a lifetime going round in circles getting stressed out not seeing the kinds of results that others practicing the same kinds of POSITIVE thinking CAN achieve!

Neurological pathways Left/Right Brain Synchrony

There is truth in the saying you have what you think you have, and you are what you believe you are. These thinking's have impacted and shaped the self belief network in our minds. And some of us are happy with the way they are...and some of us are not. Many of us sit in our comfort zone, for fear of failing.  But what if i told you that all you had to do was start reconditioning your thinking to coincide with what you wanted in life...and then after a period of time (some say it takes the brain 30-90days to re-hard wire its neurons to accept these new subconscious beliefs.) You would automatically be seeking and attracting like minded things into your life?! Ten years ago we didn't have the tools required to see into the mind in the ways we can now. And it has been proven that new neurological pathways can be self created when the right thinking in the right mental state is repeated...which means that everyone of us, is able to re-wire our subconsciousness thinking...almost like self hypnosis without the hoopla.

I am very much a product of this thinking. And anyone that has witnessed the profound changes in my limited self beliefs and the fruits of this powerful, positive thinking over the past 4 yrs is testament to this.And yes, i have a relationship with Christ that has in fact changed my life. I do believe God gave us the power of our thinking to be used in more useful and purpose driven ways than many of us choose to use it. The mind is the most powerful tool on this planet...and its available to every single one of us to grow, and train and use for the better.

So if your stuck in the rut of life and cant see a way out, think about that for just a moment....what are you thinking about? Anything is possible in this life, anything you dream CAN become your reality, you just have to train your mind to believe it, and create the action plan needed to achieve it. How many times do you find yourself accepting mediocrity, when you really want nothing more than extraordinary!?

For more information on this fascinating topic i have listed some good google search starting points.
Bob Proctor
John Assaraf
Centerpointe research

Whatever you choose to think may it be serving you, and those around you well.

joanna xo

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