Wednesday, January 11, 2012

hot summer nights makeup

I love living by the coast, and one of my favorite things to do is sit somewhere nice by the water, eat oysters and sip on something special.  But seeing as i cant do that as often as i like, i can atleast look like i am.

Here is one of my favorite summer makeup looks featuring ocean blues and greens and light golden sand tones.

I started by (as always) priming my eyelid. This time using urban decay primer potion.

Then put a neutral shade over the whole lid - i used Pink cheeks by Too faced cosmetics


Use a taupe shade to define the crease.


Put a golden highlight color in the inner corner and underneath

Take a turquoise shade (i'm using one from the creative me #1 palette from coastal scents)


Add depth by using a deeper blue, slightly under the turquoise and blend the shades together. (again i am using a shade from the creative me palette in royal blue) Use this to line under the eye also. 


Use the deepest blue to add a tiny bit more depth to corner edge and undereye only, and blend into other shades. 


Next using a shimmery sand color (i am using NP ultra pearl in 37) to wipe over the middle section of the eyelid, blending lightly into both corners.


Using a black liquid liner, draw a thin line close to upper lashes. And apply a turquoise or blue liner to the inner waterline.

Soften up any harsh lines or fall out with a large fluffy brush and a very pale matte shade. Taking the color around the edges of the entire eye. Using a cotton tip and concealer to clean up any fall out.


Apply mascara, and coat lips with a beige lipstick, blot, then smooth on some peach toned lip gloss.

And we're done, a hot summer evening look that's loads of fun! Btw i don't know why my eyebrows look so orange in this shot, must have been my high class lighting equipment (good ol' heat lamps!) HA


Be blessed, and enjoy the great Aussie summers!

joanna xo

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