Tuesday, January 10, 2012


something little left of field, but something i truly love is a good bottle of wine. And where not nessecarily talking your vintage hundreds of dollar variety. Wine like many things is often about personal choice and appreciation. And i certainly have my favorites!

The main difference here between red and white varieties is the absence of "tannin" which comes from the skin of the grape. Its the Tannin that creates a strong astringent type taste when one has had too much, and some types have this strong aftertaste initially too.

I am not going to go into chardonnay's, although they are considered the most popular whites. I have a preference for something less woody or oaken in taste.

Sauvignon blanc

This is my favorite of the wines, to me its light, fresh and crisp without being too strong in it flavor. It can range in from very grassy to being very tropical. It is one of the best wines to pair with seafood, cheese and sushi. My current favorite is a little drop from New Zealand called Squealing pig. 

Squealing Pig

I am also a huge fan of  a good semillon. Something youthful and more mineral and acidic in its finish. Local winery Cassegrain do a great semillon.

Then for a cheaper option of a white, and i mean really cheap! Here in Australia you can get them for under $5 a bottle. I have to say i am partial to the Gossips range.
The reds don't have an abundance of preservatives causing headaches, and the whites don't taste like pee!
So if your looking for something on a budget, check them out. And i like all the reds in this range. I am a more serious drinker these days preferring something dry over the passion pop of my youth.

Gossips Cabernet Sauvignon - Buy Online - Winelistaustralia        Gossips Semillon Sauvignon Blanc - Buy Australian & New Zealand Wines On Line

and there you have my top picks for wine. What do you guys like?

Joanna xo

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