Thursday, January 5, 2012

best Christmas ever

WHAT an amazing week. From the moment i laid my eyes on my husband casually laying on my bed, to the heart wrenching moment our hands left one another as he departed. It was a week filled with magic, and memories and confirmation that the type of love we have for one another is beyond any that we have ever known! What a true blessing.

OK, but i wont bore you all with the lovey dovey. But i will spend a moment or two letting you all know some of the differences between our cultures as seen and commented on by my hubby.

1.The clean air...and the fresh salty smell of being right beside the ocean (without having the pollution of a city nearby)

2. The fact that the beaches here (in port macquarie) are:
A. not covered in trash, infact you hardly see any.
B. Very underpopulated in the peak of tourist season.
By comparison alot of his knowledge of american beaches are to quote a phrase, "breathe and you smell the arse of the person next to you",  kind of populated!

3. We don't have the kind of poverty they do in the US, mostly good old governement assistance and also the fact that while the cost of living maybe higher. Every person has the opportunity to earn a good wage. A person here working in a supermarket would indeed be able to support his family. Not so much the case in the US.

4. People in Australia have a more carefree, positive demeanor.

5. The service industry thing to be said for tips is people work for their money, in our country the meaning of service is rarely known unless you are paying top dollar for your meal. In the US no-one stands around at a bar waiting to order a drink at a restaurant or cafe. I think i am a huge huge fan of this. And look out port Mac if we decide to open anything competitive here!

6. Even in the towns that are coastal you will still pay top dollar for seafood....go figure?!

Overall my husband thinks he is an Australian at heart, and it took less than 6 days for him to fall in love with this country...warts and all. And this was a huge shock to i am sure that your all aware ALL Americans think america is the only place that's got it all. And maybe to some degree they do. But you know what...i'd take alittle less that all for the peaceful and relaxed Aussie lifestyle any day. And i think He would too.

Sunburn, thongs (the kind you wear on your feet), and lazy summer dayz,
joanna xo 

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