Saturday, March 17, 2012

gratitude - the magic ingredient to a happy life

over the past few years i have really transformed my thinking. I began by learning to see the positive over the negative. Then i started to use up-building self-talk. After this i began to implement the ability to dream beyond what my circumstances told me. All of these things definitely went a long way to impact my life for the better.

But something was still missing, the missing link between holding these habits and practices in the forefront of my mind, and being able to walk in the victory on a daily basis. What i would find was i would be good for a day or two, then forget for a day or two, repeat cycle.

It was an endless source of frustration to me to know that i was a born again christian who had all the abundance   of life's gifts inside me to manifest, yet how was it i could get STUCK, more than ever despite my best intentions?

Gratitude one little word with an endless source of power. I have been doing a little study on this subject of late and have found it to be a hot topic among philosophers, theologians and religious leaders alike.

How much of our lives are we truly being grateful for? I think if anyone of us were asked this question - we would all think we are doing pretty well at being grateful. But if someone was to record our conversations or our thoughts for a day - i think we would be shocked to KNOW the truth. Being grateful and living in gratitude means we have no space in our minds, or hearts for negativity, anger, resentment, greed, lust, and almost any other negative emotion you could think of.

That is a big call! One little thing, having the capabilities to revolutionize the way our entire minds function and every circumstance that comes our way...But i can tell you this. Since i have begun to apply the art of gratitude to my life in every single aspect INCLUDING finding the good in the bad, and speaking it out. My life is changing. I just don't see the bad as often, i don't get as emotional over things as i once did, and i am more and more appreciative of what i have - which in turn brings about more and more to be grateful for. Its a win win.

I became acutely aware of just how easy it was to live in ungratefulness. I don't think any of us choose this place, its just a slump that happens when we forget to be thankful for the good every single day.

Some of the traits that are displayed when we are taking our life for granted are things such as:
-negative thoughts
-negative words


small statement - huge impact.

How can we take steps to be more grateful everyday?
Focus each morning on all the things in your life that you can be grateful for - there are hundreds no matter who you are, or what your situation!
Think over these things and express your thanks for them, before you know it you will have this over whelming feeling of joy building on the inside. I promise you! There are so many simple things we can take for granted even something as small (or HUGE) as water...

Water is the life force of this existence. Yet how easy is it to take it for granted?

So, if like me are you are looking for the missing link to living in the joy of life every single day, no matter what life throws at you. Then the answer may just lie in learning to think and express your gratitude everyday for all your blessings, no matter how big or small.!!!

Be blessed, because chances are you are more blessed than you know

joanna xo

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  1. You are so right! Quit all the negative thoughts and replace them with positives. Realizing how truly blessed each of are no matter what the material things you have or don't. Life is a gift!
    XO Carrie