Friday, March 16, 2012

st patricks day

So whats St Paddy's day all about then aye?

To cut along story short its about the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It's celebrated by lot of major religious groups, and is the widest recognized holiday of a saint, in the world.
FUN FACT: Originally the color blue was used in recognition of this day!!! 

But with the popularity of such things as green ribbons and shamrocks (three leaf clovers) which were used to explain the "trinity" to the pagans, the green tradition as we know it came about.

So here is the perfect excuse to add a little green to your attire tomorrow. Whether it be in the form of; makeup, dying your local river, or letting off green smoke bombs. (which i don't recommend) Perhaps something alittle easier like a scarf, or earrings. 

Here's some ideas to help you feel inspired.








be blessed
joanna xo

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