Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Makeup geek eye shadow review

HI guys, its been a while i know and with getting things sorted this side, everything other than my family is taking a hit from my lack of attention!

I have been wanting to do this review for awhile. So here it is.

Makeup geek eye shadows-

These were a concept from makeup geek creator Marlena. And you can tell they are made by a makeup artist. They are made of  high quality ingredients, and the color payoff (or pigment )is very intense on almost all shades.

Initially I purchased 11 shadows in shades that i found were missing from my collection.

I have to say i am impressed. The packaging is great. The size is generous, and the continuity is good. I found one or two of the shades were alittle harder to move...what that means is they aren't as smooth to place and blend. Having more of a "place and stay" mentality.  I think this could be ironed out by using a primer. I haven't re-tried those ones with a primer yet, but i will do that and let you know if its any better.

The range of shades are great, and the variety of finishes is also very good. As a makeup artist i value my matte shades as much as my shimmer finishes.

I especially love the plums/purples and grey tones in Marlena's range as i was having a hard time finding matte versions of those colors.

Top picks :
fiji - a super smooth, matte apple green.
fairytale - a matte lavender
stealth - a matte grey (this one i find alittle harder to blend as its one of the stay colors i mentioned)
preppy - a beautiful olive/tan brown
unexpected - this one i would call a matte mauve (it has a dusty pink/purple/mushroom color mix)

moondust - a gorgeous cool toned shimmery taupe/silver
shimma shimma - great champagne shimmer
burlesque - a beautiful rusty burgundy tone.

 left -right: Fiji, stealth, fairytale, shimma shimma, moondust, burlesque

Bottom to top: peacock, corrupt, unexpected, preppy, taupe notch

there are plenty more shades to choose from and i am sure there are lot more wonderful nuetrals, but seeing as i have an abundance of those i wont be getting amy until i run out of my current supplies.

Here is a look i created using: unexpected, fairytale, steath, and corrupt.


I can say that i am very pleased with the quality and size for the price. And that i will be purchasing the full- range at some point. If you are looking for professional quality eyeshadows - at a reasonable price, with a stunning colour range. I suggest you check out  marlena's site.Bear in mind the shadow come in refill format, so you will need something to store them in. I use Z palettes, as they are study, magnetic, easy, and have a see-through top. You can find these at the makeup geek store too. Please note i am in no way affiliated with makeup geek, i give honest reviews based on my personal findings and i am not endorsed to do so.


be blessed,
joanna xo

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