Tuesday, March 6, 2012

makeup trends autumn 2012

i love autumn, it harks the beginning of layered dressing, and a completely different set of colors from the other seasons. I'm not usually one to fall into wearing the mustard's, Forrest green and burgundy. BUT with all the extremely cute fashion in these hues its hard not to find something one would like.

SO lets talk make up trends for autumn.

BOLD BERRY LIPS - this one never gets old, and for most of us no matter what our complexion tone we can find something that suits. Pair it with bronze smokey eyes for a night, or just a subtle hit of smudged liner in a metallic brown/gold for the day. Keeping the lashes strong and polished suits this look.

blood red lips

OLIVE EYE SHADOW - this one also not as tricky as it sounds, imagine soft metallic greens, or warm matte tones blended with browns, in smoked out silhouettes. A little smudged eyeliner and your done.

PURPLE LIPS - ok so this may be for the more adventurous of us...if your game anything from deep violet, to crimson/black will work. Be sure and keep the eyes neutral for this one to work. Although having said that i am always one to recommend eyelashes and eyebrows are done, as i think there can be something a little alienish about dark lips and no eyelashes/eyebrows!

SIXTY'S MAKEUP - think twiggy, huge focus on eyes lashes, matte textures, whites and black. Matte pink lips. I love this look and find it a refreshing change. i am also really excited about the sixty's fashion that's making an appearance. This look takes aittle practice but is well worth the effort. I have a sixty's inspired tutorial on my youtube channel (joannamarie77), if you want some tips.


well thats all from me, be blessed and enjoy the cooler weather.
joanna xo

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  1. I really love Olive eyeshadow....makes my eyes more hazel. Tried Red lipstick and loved it...only I feel like my lips are coming in the room before me!! hee hee
    XO Carrie