Wednesday, April 13, 2011

decisions decisions

It's the holidays, and my girls are in Queensland. Which makes me alittle lonely. My son is at my house re-watchin all the Star-wars series which is nice, and i am nursing the first signs of the flu. Arggghh the joys of the turning seasons. I still have to head into work for a couple of hours tonight, but i suppose i should do it before i begin to feel worse!
  I have a couple of events to attend on saturday, so i think it'll be work, sleep and vitamins till then. I'm struggling to find a costume idea to wear on saturday, you see one event is fancy dress the other is a semi-formal farewell! haha and those of you that know me, know i like to go all out! I'm torn between something pretty and something horrific...dont ask me what my fasination with gory makeup looks is about...i really couldn't tell you. Perhaps its just that there is apart of me that likes to fasinate, or suprise others. Or maybe its just that i have a strange sence of fun. Anyhow if you have any suggestions for me, i'm all ears.
Here are some pics for your enjoyment

(the bottom one was a copy of a look i saw on you-tube i forget the designer,SORRY but it was my take on her zipper mouth look)
have a great day and remember how loved and valued you are, even if your boss, family or friends aren't showing you right now. God and I love you.

joanna xo

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