Saturday, April 2, 2011

tonight we gonna get on the floor....

Hey my friends, sorry its been sooo long. I have been an emotional write off! Sometimes incredibly high, then others so low i dont know where my thoughts are coming from. But at the end of the day this is what i know: I AM ME...I HAVE A GOOD HEART, THAT ALWAYS TRIES TO DO RIGHT, I FORGIVE MORE THAN I SHOULD, AND I WANT TO LIVE A GOOD LIFE AND INSPIRE OTHERS WHILST ENCOURAING MY CHILDREN TO LEAD A GOOD LIFE! That is the simple truth. Not trying to be righteous. I worked hard to get to this place, and i dont intend to drop it.
  Having said that dont think for one sec i'm perfect. I drink a glass or two more than i should. I preach alittle more than i practise, i unthinkingly judge (although i work on this daily) and i have to push myself to think right on a daily basis...but i'm human! who doesn't have to do this? Even God knows the kind of pressure we face on this earth. You nor i have to attain to perfection for a good life. If we can go to bed most nights knowing that we have done good more than anything else, then is there not some merit in that?
Anyway i've just been sharing some thoughts, know that your all loved...and that there is more to this life than meets the eyes, even scientists have proved the energy rhelms of an afterlife!!!!
living the best life i know how....

joanna xo

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