Thursday, April 7, 2011

off adventuring

just a quick post to let you know i'm off to queensland. I'm visiting my family in Toowoomba and leaving my girls for 2 weeks vacation! I dont know what i am going to do with myself. Maybe i'll spend this time being productive spring cleaning and making loads of videos...?! hmmm and maybe i'll spend it studying....or perhaps even just relaxing, although i doubt that! Haha. But whatever i do i know i'll be staying busy or i will be emotional...dang kids do that to you.
  I plan to spend the next 4 days doing 18hours of travelling, loads of shopping, lunches and coffees with my mumma, cooking with my pops, churching with my sis and generally finding away to cram 6months worth of family time into 3 days.
 I love easter time. Hope my kids make it back by easter weekend, we have plays to attend and chocolates to buy!

Joanna xo

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