Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the first chill

I must admit that secretly i love the cooler months. There is nothing that says fun to me more loudly than curling up in front of a fireplace with a fluffly rug, sipping a glass of red wine whist reading a great book!
Ok call me boring, but i have lived out many adventures through the pages of books. Not to mention how much i have challenged my fleshly being into something more likeable with the aide of books. Yes i love books! I actually need a library in my home to house the books i own, and the new ones i collect. I always dream't of having a large room that was just for my books, it was double the height of a regular room and had a rolling ladder for those hard to reach books! My room also has a very well padded bay window seat, with luxe cushions and glamourous statues/artwork adorning the corners of the room.  Lastly a large persian rug has prime place across the wooden flooring....big contented sighs...one day i will take a photo of me lounging in my library. Smiles, never stop dreaming my friends, dreams are one of the glorious treaures the mind is made for.

with love from my bathtub with a good book (second best to fireplace)
joanna xo


  1. Hi Sweetie! Love winter too! It's so cozy! Book lover too...I just wish I had nothing else going on to just sit and enjoy reading them...one at a time right now...a bit here and there! Hope all is well? Love ya!

  2. smiles, yes it can get that like when we have all this work to fit into the mere 24hrs we are given in a day! today we had a bout of socal weather, back to hot again! crazy ozone...haha love u too x