Friday, December 23, 2011

miracle at christmas

What an extraordinary week! It all started several days ago when i committed myself to the belief that somehow i was going to find away for my husband to come to Australia for Christmas.

Hubby and i only had one condition, it couldn't be a trip that we went into debt over. Seeing as this time of year is financially stressful and, not to mention the cost of flights on Christmas day, and the fact we had 3 days to come up with the money...things were looking impossible at best. None of the major contractors from my business were going to have paid their dues by the end of the month, and by this point all hope appeared to have faded.

But....i refused to let go of my faith, in fact i was so certain that god would find away i wanted my hubby to get things sorted his end. I researched flights and prayed my little heart out to god, thanking him for allowing me my husband, and reminding him of all the promises of his word. i was so moved and teary for what seemed like a 2 whole days. I was Ernest in my requests, sitting in praise and expectancy. Praying that god would put it into the heart of someone to give us that cash.

It was a day ago that i was busy sending an online gift to my husband, that i checked my bank account not really thinking. And BAM...there is was in bold 5 digit numbers the answer to my prayer, the miracle i had been seeking. The government had underpaid me for the year and as such owed me a lump sum of money (which i didn't know was going to happen)...this was more than enough to cover my husbands trip.

I was flooded with emotion, weeping and praising god. What a wonderful wonderful moment for us...i will never forget that moment my whole lifetime. God is so faithful, and for being prepared to make a fool of my flesh for god....he rewarded my faith in him.

Now i get to share something wonderful with my husband, his first trip to Australia...and our first Christmas together.

Be blessed, and thank god for the birth, death and resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.

Merry CHRISTmas, to you all...xoxo

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