Wednesday, March 23, 2011

times of growth

There will be moments in this lifetime that require either a faith/belief or a knowledge far beyond that which is humanly possible.
  Many people in my life have commented over the past year, at how wise the words that come from my mouth are. Even i sometimes wonder how a person of only average education, and limited life experiences in my 33 years can have wisdom that at times even astounds people of much greater years.
  I came to realilse something pretty special. There was a time in my life that i was not ready to give god glory for my gifts. That i was a believer in the laws of attraction and visualisation and belief! And they were the things that drove my life to higher highs and greater opportunities. What i didn't know at this point was what god knew...that i wasnt ready to accept the gifts in my life as being from him, but i was cultivating a belief in something more powerful than i was. A belief so strong that i was beginning to always be positive, that nothing really wore me down and made my life unbearable. A belief that was paramount to the changes happening in my life. What i DIDN'T know was that all these things that i had convinced myself that were my own doing, and the universes way of giving me that ....were GOD all along! The universe is god, the law of attraction is god, working with joy and positivity is being like GOD...and bingo everything fell into place. while i wasn't ready to worship god, i was ready to cultivate faith, and hope and belief...which are very strong components of a realtionship with god. he had already sewed that seed, and it was only a matter of time that i would become aware that it was his presence moving through my life.
  My journey is long and personal, and i have alot of un-conditioning to do, but god knows one thing...that my heart is full of goodness for him, that my life is taking a rightous path, and all the doctrine in the world means little as long as god is speaking in our lives, though us, encouraging the goodness and love that this world is lacking. Everyones journey in life is personal. God gave us all free will, to serve or to ignore, that is our choice. NO-ONE should be judged for his choice, and this judgement will never come from me. Whatever path you take in your life, is your life. I will love you, and cheer for your triumphs no-matter what path life takes you, but please know that for me...having a relationship with God, is something i choose.

with a love filled heart
joanna xo

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