Wednesday, November 23, 2011


OK, so i am unsure how many of you remember the blue and purple ice blocks that were around in the 80's But i didnt just love the way they tasted (blackcurrent and lemonade) but the color combo was fantastic. So anyhow this makeup look reminded me of that childhood treat, and i thought it was fun to start getting into the colorful spring swing of things.

Lo'real True match foundation
Camo Quad concealer
M.U.F HD powder

MAC pinch o peach blush
NYX taupe blush (to contour)

revlon Matte lipstick in 011-stormy pink
NP set lip gloss in nude

Creative me #1 palette - turquoise/purple/deep purple/ocean blue
Too faced- Smokey eye Natural palette - satin sheets (inner corner highlight) & pink cheeks (to blend out top color)
Gel liner-black
Clarins- water resistant mascara in black



Have some fun taking inspiration from the exotic blooms of springtime!

joanna xo

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