Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bits and bobs

I thought today i would give you a random post about stuff that's been happening lately.

Many of you know i am moving to the US to be with my husband. Visa's are the hold up right now, but if all goes as expected then i will be leaving the country in Feb/march 2012. I will be leaving a hot and humid pool side summer - for a full blown snowy winters ending. HA, now that's going to be an interesting plane ride.

they are all going away for the holidays to visit family out of state. Which will afford me time to catch up on leaving preparations, sale of business etc. But they have become my life so much more over the years and i miss them terribly when they are away more than a few days.

My best friend Diana is getting married to her e-harmony beau, on dec 17th. Of course i am bridesmaid, makeup artist, hair stylist and anything else that needs to happen on the day, and i cant wait! Its been so wonderful seeing my friend bloom over the past 2 years into this amazing, confident, full person! She is god filled, real, silly, funny, crazy and i just love her to bits! I'll do a whole post on some of the awesome things that have occurred in, and because of our friendship another time. But boy, we are very very blessed! And people cant help but notice it.


finding it so hard not to indulge in super summer sales, i am loving the neon trend right now...and just want some acid colored clothes and accessories soooo bad!!!! But i am doing the self controlled thing well and saving my pingers.

Things i love about coastal Australian living? - being able to swim half of the year, beer, seafood bbq's, laughter and the casual relaxed nature of the average Australian. Koalas in your yard, snakes crossing the street (ok, so i don't really love this, but it fascinates me) MEDICARE...I think when you sum it all up, we have a wonderful life here. And many cultures agree.

Well, my freckles are beginning to appear raised after my laser, and in a few days they should fall cool is that?! Not that i ever cared about my freckles, truth be told i kinda like them....but having a uniformed complexion is something i am definitely looking forward to.

My sister Rach has been visiting for the past 2 months and it has been really nice! She will be going back to Queensland mid December, and i will surely miss her.

My addictions right now are: edamame, sunbathing pool side, holosync technology, and reading self-help books (yes, that's what i do...and the bible counts as one too!)

Well thats enough randomness for one day, bless you all my friends

 enjoying sunshine the natural mood enhancer,
joanna xo

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