Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a virtual dreamboard

Apon reflection i have noticed something about my life. I have always been excited about the "possibilities" of living. Over the years i have created a few dream boards, either the tangible kind with pictures and words, or the internal dialogue of mind movies.

No matter what form these pictures and words have come in something amazing has happened. Almost everything that i have focused on,  has come to pass in my life. This can be equally said for positive and negative.

SO today i thought why not start everyone thinking about their own dreams? Here are some images to get you on your way...a great way to create something of the non-space filling kind - is to make a virtual board. Place it somewhere on your computer that you can see and fill your sub-conscious with everyday! Then as you start laying claim and receiving these things, just replace them with a new set of dreams and goals.

fancy being able to travel to exotic locations?

Or is a change in career direction your plan?

Maybe you want to be a better cook, or spend more time developing a hobby? 

what about owning your dream home?

Or you may just want to be able to devote more time to the simple things in life...

There is something very intelligent and magical about allowing the brain to do its job and create thoughts into actions and in turn reality.

be blessed
joanna xo

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