Saturday, November 26, 2011

corrective makeup

As you know by now i have issues with redness on my face. I thought that tonight as a follow on theme from my cosmetic enhancement segment, i would post some pictures of what i do to deal with this.

Firstly i want to say that i don't use a heap of makeup to mask the affects of my birthmark, and ruddy complexion. It is all about finding products that are liquid in their texture but highly pigmented. Also if you suffer redness you want to pick shades that are quite yellow based. And you will know yellow based colors when you find them!

For me my perfect correcting shade is L'Oreal true match in w4.
w = warm which have a golden base to them.
c = cool which have a pink undertone (don't even look here!) and
 n = neutral which is a blend and quite possibly another match for ruddy skins could be found in this shade range. But i cant stress enough the importance of finding a yellow based product - which will counteract the redness.

i particularly love these foundations for the range of shade choices, the watery consistency yet - medium to full coverage, they are totally build-able and extremely affordable.

i also use camo quad concealer palette in medium (which can be brought from for a mere $8.
 i place this over any spots, marks and in a triangle shape down the sides of my nose and up and out to the corner of the eye blending inside these perimeters. This product has a amazing texture and covers very, very well.

Here is a picture of half my face using only these products. Do bere in mind, i am not adverse to having flushed cheeks in the right places, so i simply conceal out the areas of redness that bother me, leaving the blush area, lightly covered for a natural glow.

So you see already without using any corrective makeup (which is usually much heavier and more pigmented than normal foundation) These products markedly improve the color of my skin.

I decided to complete the look by making up a whole side of my face to show you how much we can naturally enhance what we have via the medium of makeup.


Be blessed my friends,

joanna xo

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