Monday, November 28, 2011

KTP laser theropy

Today was the day, i had my first treatment of the KTP laser. I have been medicare approved for a course of 6 treatments!

Here is how the day went:

1.Meet with the doctor to confirm medicare eligibility.
2.He signs forms
3.Cosmetic surgeon puts glasses on you, hands you a cold air blowing device (to assist with the burning you will feel)
4. She then puts a gel conductor on your skin, and gives you a sample of the laser on a less sensitive part of your face.
5. The surgeon uses the laser to get pinpoint accuracy on viens, pigmentation etc. She then runs the laser in continue lines across the areas of concerns including larger pores and pimples.
6. read care instructions, cover in sunscreen, pay the bill - head to medicare to claim your rebate instantly!

What does this all feel like?

Well to say it was pleasantly relaxing would be a downright lie! If you can imagine being slapped across your face with tiny rubber bands, or grazing a pin just below the surface of your skin you would be close to accurate. For the most part, a lot of foot wiggling was the only "noise" coming from me. And the worst part for me was around the corners of the nose...which was a little more like a pin AFTER it had been put into flame.

The whole procedure was over in less than 20mins. And aside from feeling a little sun-burnt, and the odd whiff of burnt skin. It was actually OK. Now about 2 hours later, my freckles are darker than normal as this is what happens, my skin feels almost totally fine, and i am beginning to show the signs of whats known as the "bubble wrap" effect. In which little bumps appear under the skin.

Recovery is about 5-7 days. And breaks between treatment course is 4-6 weeks. I am really excited about the results, i should see a 50% improvement after the first session alone. The longest part to treat will be my birthmark. But it will be gone after the full 6 sessions. The other huge bonus of treating the skin from the epidermis is the increased production of collagen. Which in turn tightens and gives the skin a more youthful appearance. No complaints here.

In between things get a little redder, and darker while the pigment falls away. Makeup can be used as normal to cover any symptoms.

Some pics of the day, enjoy.





Hats and sunscreen...
Joanna xo

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