Sunday, December 4, 2011

bights makeup tutorial

Hi guys, well here it is...a summer brights tutorial. Enjoy.

I used pigments from ben NYE. A black gel liner, and a matte pale pink lipstick from revlon, to which i dusted a frosty pink eyeshadow over the top.

I applied potion primer from urban decay over my entire lid

then i put a bright gold green liner over the lid of my eye

Next i swept bright yellow pigment into the inner corner of the lid and slightly under too.

Using the bright apple green pigment i placed it slightly overlapping the yellow and onto the remaining third of the lid.

Using a pencil brush i put a hot pink in the crease and to the outer V of the eye.

Blend well....

Using a bright blue pencil liner, and a similar pigment line the bottom of the eye, creating a straight line towards the nose.

Curl lashes, apply mascara then fake lashes and the black gel liner to upper lashes.

Line the waterline with blue pencil, and fill in the brows.

Using a matte candy pink lip shade, fill in the lips, and set with a frosty pink eye shadow dabbed over top.

And finished face...


Have a wonderful weekend,
joanna xo

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