Wednesday, December 14, 2011

december update

Gosh its mid December already, i don't know if its an age/generational/or a global thing... but time seems to be gaining momentum.

My kids are all off enjoying their holidays in various Australian states, and i am here in rainy NSW tying up loose ends. my best friend (apart from my husband) is getting married on Saturday and i am still preparing my speech. Of course speaking from the heart is best, but there are times when notes are necessary! I love that at the second half of her life she is getting another shot at happily ever after...we all deserve that, and i am so proud to be sharing in this beautiful moment with her...god bless E-harmony.

It has been 2 weeks since my first KTP laser session, and my skin is definately less pigmented, less flushed naturally, and my pore size has been reduced. YAY...all after 1 treatment.  I am so looking forward to seeing the results of a few more.

My shipment of Eve pearl cosmetics arrived. I ordered; (after much research) the concealer palette, and the HD foundations, in light-medium and tan, the eyeliner pen, a blush trio and black eyelash glue (as i was out) and the skin primer with Astaxanthin, a natural sunscreen


These products have a huge reputation! And i was eager to find something that stood up to the challenge of being non-drying, non-oily, good for the skin, and high coverage. So far so good, but i will give you all an honest review in another week or so.

Totally happy with my online shoe purchases, and the sizing is perfect. Although i must say my purple suede platform stilettos are rather sky scraper...lets hope i don't have a runway moment down the isle!

well, off to enjoy the last of my days off till christmas...

be blessed,
laugh like your life depends on like you haven't a moment more, and be kind to one another simply because being nice makes your heart glow.

joanna xo

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