Saturday, December 3, 2011

Obsessing over Neon

I dont know what it is about Neon that has me going gaga. But there is something to it.
Back in the 80's when i first experienced the trend i found the pastel neons to be my favorites, especially the purple and pink. But now i am crushing on almost any bright shade in any form i find.  So here is my neon wish list!


This color is just so yum!

modern green platform stillettos

wicked cool, 3D printer made sneaker

And how could i not fall head over heels in love with these zombie stompers...i wish i brought them when i first saw them in PMQ!


Just something fun

This Michael Kors number has actually made an appearance in my dreams lately.

loving this electric blue too, combined with a elegance of a cigarette dress and this is a win win for me.


Oh i want these nails super bad.

I am so inspired right now, a new tutorial is on the way.

Be blessed,
joanna xo

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