Sunday, December 4, 2011


OK, so i may seriously have an addiction!...i never used to be so passionate about shoes, but it seems things have changed. I thought i would share with you all my latest indulgences, (husband you can feel free to shut your eyes right about now....:):):) )

firstly in my defense; i left the shoes i would be wearing to my friends wedding (my patent nude pumps think Victoria Beckham), in my husbands closet...(darling you best be getting some serious use from my belongings!)...grins....and well seeing as nothing else worked i was "forced" (sighs, horrible life i assure you) to buy some more...and this time i opted for something more glam...

Lift Purple from Verali

purple suede platform pumps....mmmmm mmmmm....hahahah sorry the pic is super small, just the way it happened!

and well there was this other pair i had been eyeing off for about two weeks....on sale mind you....and they are the type of shoes u either LOVE or LOATHE..and i LOVE LOVE LOVE....

here they are...

Large Image View

very rocker indeed, i love that they combine leopard with studded spikes....uber cool!

well thats it for awhile, have to save those pingers now....:)

joanna xo

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