Sunday, March 13, 2011

a day in sunny port mac

I decided to have the day off today to finish up a few things around the house, make some new youtube videos! And generally enjoy the last of the warm weather.

After washing the sunroom windows (you know thats why its a sunroom 3out of 4 walls are glass!) And my large lounge viewing windows. I headed out for a stroll on one of the local beaches Lighthouse beach to be precise, before heading to Bitter Sweet for a coffee. This is the most amazing coffee shop, they make the most delectable treats on site, they are like miniture gourmet cakes. Totally divine! If your in the port macquarie area a visit to Bitter Sweet is a must DO! I'll post some pics of their cakes next time i'm out that way, (forgot my camera today) they are just as pretty to gaze at as, yummo they are to eat.

I've included  some pics of townbeach and the breakwall which is about a 40min walk from my house in the centre of town.

You can even see the dolphins in the river mouth, sighs thats pretty amazing. I really do love this town.

well off to do the mum things, making left-overs and doing the banking! Be sure to check out joannamarie77 on youtube for any video updates.

blue skies and savignon blanc
joanna xo

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