Friday, March 18, 2011

mums and life changing moments

i adore my mum! But to be honest its taken alot of years, and hard times to get here. Not that i didn't love her before...haha but there is just a difference when your mum becomes your best friend, and you laugh over silly things and cry over the same pain. You grow into this mutual respect of one another, and you cherish the time you get together...this is how i feel about my mum.
  I am so proud of her. Its been tough at times to face the challenges of finding money, and new jobs at over 60 (i wont disclose her real age), but my mum has come through triumphant. With a passion and a self belief that makes my smile burst at the seems.

  All i ever want for those i love is to live a life filled with joy and accomplishments, yes the inevitable lows always come with the highs, but i also desire all my friends and family to have the skills and the positive thoughts to weather these times with the knowledge of how special and loved they are. And success is variable to each and everyone of us. Some of us want to be CEO's, others want to work part time and put the kids to bed every night. Whatever it is that makes you live a happy and fulfilled life is your success and it should never be determind by someone elses dreams.

love joanna xo

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