Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lost pics & haircuts

What a debarcle i have had with my latest youtube offering!  I filmed a 1960's makeup tutorial only to find out the lighting is shocking, and then to top everything off i couldnt upload the pictures! smiles, well what else can i do? here are the lost pictures after i finally uploaded them.

After all this i looked at my son and realised that after 4 weeks of him trying to grow his hair i could not stand it anylonger. He was beginning to resemble a homeless person. So after much convincing he allowed me near
him with the scissors!!! (insert evil laugh) But the condition was i didnt cut the sides or fringe shorter. seriously i did pretty well. The joys of having hairdressers for friends, and reading "Hair cutting for dummies"...yes i kid you not, there is such a book! lots of laughing now.

We have named this look the willber...hehe (its william's version of Justin Beiber hair)
well i'm off to watch the original little shop of horrors from way way back! its B&W and was made in 2 days. Be blessed in all your joys. Even if they are only old B&W movies!

joanna xo

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