Friday, March 4, 2011

birthday parties in the rain

Today was the combined Birthday celebrations of both my girls (they were born 4 days, & several yrs apart)
We had arranged a party at the town pools, utilising the Aqua scramble (a giant floating playground), a pizza delivery service, and the warmth of the glorious Australian sun....hmmm and then 5am i awoke to howling winds, and unrelenting rain...New plan!

Older kids off to movies, then strolling through the local mall. Young ones at my home for a princess party complete with old fashioned party games. Pass the parcel, dress up and eat the chocolate with a knife and fork, twister, arts & crafts, dress ups, as well as mini manicures with rinestones..ohh la la.
I have to admit that i'm not much of a "kids party" kind of mother, but today i actually enjoyed myself. Its 2.30pm and the remaining children are quietly colouring, i'm enjoying an afternoon glass of chilled wine in preperation for my real fun...i'm suprising my eldest daughter and her bestie to a makeover and photoshoot tonight. YAY.

so its with lime green toenails, and contented sighs i bid you farewell!

joanna xo

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