Tuesday, March 8, 2011

no time to meditate!?

We all know how good meditation is on our busy minds ability to relax. This is because meditation takes the left side brains thinking component and dims it down, allowing our right and creative brain side to have center stage. This is the state in which ideas flow more readily and we can hear our feelings above the busy workings of our internal chatter!

 Sometimes its just impossible to find some solitude to indulge in this practise, so i have a solution!

                                                              The MANDALA.

This is likened to a snowflake under a microscope. Mandalas have been used by eastern mystics for centuries, as a relaxation aid, and a way to find clarity.
After concentrating on the image for a few minutes we find our brain to become quiter, busy thoughts and chatter replaced with "pleasant calm". Leaving us in a state of what i like to call relaxed alertness. This happens because our focus is on the center of the object and our right side brain is comfortable with shapes and images, also having the ability to take in a whole picture. BUT be warned: if you have not tried meditation before your left side brain will try to distract you...adding in thoughts, or trying to work out the details! If you notice this happening, just continue to bring your attention back to the focal point in the center of the object. Do this over and over as often as required. For at some point your left side will stop doing this, or you will stop noticing!
For real benifits i would suggest doing this exercise daily for a minimum of 7-10mins. But if your in a pinch and feeling stressed even a couple of minutes will help! Image has been taken from "the right-brain manager" by Dr Harry Alder.

Why not store this image on your computer at work or home, then you too can find a way to adopt the ancient art of meditation into your busy lives!

To less stress, more creative ideas, and peaceful minds
joanna xo


  1. Love your blog site....I don't even know how to fix the site itself and look how gorgeous you did with yours...I am so afraid to change anything for fear I will blow my site up! That is interesting about The Mandala. Might have to give that a try!!!
    XO Carrie

  2. smiles, well atleast you can always pretend thats its about artist simplicity! Smiles, love the mandala, its kind of mesmerizing! thanks for stopping by! xo