Sunday, March 13, 2011

the sun is always shining somewhere

There are times in our lives when the walls of security seem to vanish as if they were only imaginary
to begin with. This weekend has been one of those times. I'm not going to say more other than, i'm soo very greatful for the loving support and belief of family/friends and God. There are times i dont pray at all, and others when i just cant stop babbling. But God always make me feel better, its as if a peace assends on my spirit. Its not like God gives me answers, but he may and i'm just not quiet enough to hear them. But god does take away my pain, erases my memories, and leaves me the strength to carry on. 
  I am so very blessed to have all that i have in my life. And there is not a day go by that i do not remember that. There is always sunshine after storms, there is always laughter again after sorrow. And its with these thoughts in mind, i will carry about my day.

joanna xo

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