Monday, March 7, 2011

things that make me happy when i'm feeling sad

So they say that whatever goes up must come down, and THEY are right. Our fabulously high moral and attitutes at times do the enevitable dive bomb to a place that can make us uncomfortable and sad. So knowing this happens on occasion i thought i'd share some of the 'not-so-deep-and-meaningful-ways' i can be cheered up!

10. Looking at old photos of family and friends

9. Doing something no-matter how small on building my businesses
8. Re-arranging a room, espically my bedroom something as small as new cushions makes me smile

7. Buying some new jewellery (espically the fashion stuff from DIVA)
6. Looking back on and celebrating personal acheivements
5. Josh Groban songs!! (mostly the ones sung in Italian)
4. My castelbel candle in fig & pear...oh how this makes my heart melt, so sad its almost gone and i dont know where to get another one! :(

3. A hug attached to the words "we can fix anything"
2. My little people singing me songs or doing dances

And coming in at number 1 is.......

Yes, i am addicted. They have been my comfort since before i could read. Now i read them to my little ones. I dont think i'll ever grow out of this childhood treasure..:)

With thoughts of joyful days,
joanna xo

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